When a puppet like Mr. Gamato criticizes the deliberations of a legitimate government like the ESPG; it would normally be quite hilarious given his own infamous achievements. However, his baseless comments in the National Newspaper cannot go unchallenged.
Thankfully ESP Assembly is not answerable to someone of Mr. Gamato’s caliber. Sharing the accolades for a burnt Air Niugini plane in Mendi as one's greatest achievements is certainly not an enviable record. Many of us remained silent while Southern Highlands leaders and people were grappling to contain the spill-over results of Gamato’s failed election.
The content of my post, if he cared to read it is as follows, point 4:
“The Assembly also resolved to seek clarity on the LLG elections. LLG elections are critical to the operation of the Provincial Government, if LLG elections are conducted contrary to law, we run the risk of failed elections which would seriously hamper the operation of the provincial government.”
I have no idea what Mr. Gamato was drinking at the time he jumped to his inebriated conclusion and accused us of acting unconstitutionally. Cut down on the cough mixture, please! The people of East Sepik have every right to question the wisdom of Waigani in trying to force decisions down our throats.
Ministers are not infallible, they are bound to make mistakes. Unfortunately, many ministers think that they have achieved a God-like status by virtue of their election so they tend to make decisions not based on evidence but based on their own selfish desires. As ministers continue to make selfish and small-minded decisions, they inevitably tear down the structures that hold the country together. Something you also appear keen to emulate.
When I conduct Assembly meetings, I allow all the members every opportunity to speak on any matter (each member sometimes speaks 2 or 3 times). I believe in democracy and I respect the right of representatives in the Assembly to contribute fully. We have been known to have debates until 5pm in the afternoon.
When the members decided to debate on the issue of LLG elections for 2 hours, I entertained it because that is their privilege as members. The issue of the legal correctness of the resolution was also discussed at length so we are very careful to be as competent and correct as we can with our work (unlike some people).
I would urge appointees like Mr. Gamato to be careful when criticising decisions of any provincial government. In our case, we are answerable to the Sepik people, not to you. And I might add that there are no puppets in our Assembly or Administration.
Mr. Gamato should focus on improving his dismal performance as an electoral manager and stop saying unintelligent things which might make people wonder how he managed to get his job.
Finally, my role as Governor requires that I consult with Assembly members, especially presidents, in running the province transparently and accountable. When I speak in Parliament, I raise issues that have been raised in the Provincial Assembly on behalf of the Sepik people, I don’t speak for myself. Mr. Gamato, take note.

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