Dear Prime Minister

Greetings to you and the Cabinet.

This morning (Monday) 22nd of October 2018 I visited the Cancer Ward at Port Moresby General Hospital at 1:13 am.

The purpose of my visit was to see and feel the life in this ward. Hon Prime Minister the first feeling that engulfed me as soon as I opened the door was similar to walking into a morgue.

 There was no life in this building except the lights from fluorescent tubes. I will bring you to the realities in this place.

 Hon Prime Minister, if you stand where I stood you will see a stretch of corridor. If you look to your left and right, you will see curtains hanging lifelessly on the doors. I believe you would vividly know what is behind those curtains.

If you peep through these curtains you will see our mothers, wives and sisters awaiting their deaths. Looking at their lifeless faces and you see Death is inevitable. They expected it to come to them any moment.

There are about 36 innocent patients awaiting death. Their Cancer has reached stage 3 which requires Radio Therapy to cure. There is hope in the dim of their faces if ONLY they are able to secure K60 000.00 for Radio Therapy treatment in overseas. However from my brief interview none of them can afford that money thus just praying with Hope if there could be any miracle.

Hon Prime Minister these women have no choices in life. Hon Prime Minister Cancer is curable at our doorstep if Only we have these treatments available.

The obvious questions are Who and Why.
1) Who is to provide this treatment for these innocent mothers?

2) If there is someone to provide then Why is it not being provided?

Hon Prime Minister PNG is hosting APEC in  couple of weeks time. We talk and walk luxuries from the floor of Parliament to the APEC house and into the settlements. We are forking Millions of Kina from the bags and bilums of these suffering mothers who are on death row to fly in luxury Cars~Maseratis and Bentlys costing Millions of Kina all the way from the other side of the world (Italy) to be used for Only 3 days.

Hon Prime Minister its our mere ignorance that these innocents  are suffering. This is just one hospital I am referring to but let us project the entire country. I believe there are hundreds or thousands suffering nationwide. Do we have a remedy for them or we just let them perish from where they are?

We are very capable to combat Cancer but our ignorance and negligence destroys innocent lives. I fear the Good Lord will hold us accountable for our deeds.
Therefore Hon Prime Minister; "Can we sell just 2 of the 40 Maseratis after the APEC and buy Radio Therapy Machine for our Mothers, Wives and Sisters please?" I believe that approach would be taken by any Men/Son to save their Mothers, Sisters and Wives. Now we say them but tomorrow could be our mothers, wives and daughters who might face the same fiasco.

Hon Prime Minister please do something to save the mothers of this Great Nation.

Thank You and May the Good Lord Bless you and guide your intuition to make good judgement for our backbones ~"THE WOMEN FOLKS"

NB. Please lets Not Ignore~ Share to Save  Lives

Joe Gigmai Mondo
National Capital District
Port Moresby
Papua New Guinea.

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