As Chairman of Umbrella Hides PDL 07 Association Inc, we have found out very serious criminal conduct with regard to Payment of K15 Million Project Security Funding for Hides PDL 07 Landowners.

There were two cheques for PDL 1 & 7 totalling to K35 Million. A K20 Million was for PDL 1 and a K15 Million for PDL 07 presented at Hides 4 Exxon Mobil Camp in front of 10, 000 plus Landowners.

Minister DPE, Governor Hela, Governor Gulf MD MRDC, MD KPHL, MD Exxon and many high profile Government Delegation witnessed the presentation of the Cheques.

The two cheques were drawn as per Agreement reached between entire PDL 1 & 7 Landowners, Exxon Mobil, DPE, MRDC, KPHL and Hides Special Purposes Authority Management Board.

The Agreement was to draw both Cheques under HIDES SPECIAL PURPOSES AUTHORITY. The Payee was according to the Agreement as witnessed when MD MRDC physically showed the cheques on the 13th December 2017, at Hides PDL 07 Project site.

The Landowners appointed two Leaders to coordinate and provide Leadership in distribution of the monies.

The entire Landowners anonymously appointed Mr. David Nallot (PDL 1) and Mr. Huriba Andago (PDL 7) to accompany DPE and MRDC to deposit the Cheques in Hides Special Purposes Authority account and come back to Hides with stamped deposit slip from the Bank.

To our surprise, very serious crime and fraudulently hijacking of cheque has been encashed and stolen by high profile criminals in POM.

DPE and Government Agencies collaborated professionally to hijack our K15 Million for Hides PDL 7 Landowners Project Security Funding and missing in Port Moresby.

The Leader Mr. Huriba Andago and his Landowners are stranded in POM since 13th December 2017 to date (1 yr). It is really frustrating and total breach of Agreement.

The Project Security Agreement of 04th December has been breached by DPE and Govt Agencies. Hence, THERE IS NOT PROJECT SECURITY. DPE is totally responsible for professionally facilitating and assisting fradulent authorizing and approving transaction of K15 Million for Hides PDL 07 Landowners.

We are now appealing to the Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O'Neil to intervene and direct DPE, MRDC, Treasury and Finance to replace our money before APEC meeting.

Our Team Leader Mr. Huriba Andago must come to Hides with the K15 Million that MD MRDC showed to Hides PDL 7 Landowners on 13th December 2017.

We attach record of evidences for confirmation.

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