I’m compelled to write about the most recent turn of events that unfolded before us in the light of Mr O’Neill’s desperate moves to cling onto power. A case in point is the unpopular and unconstitutional tactics applied to withholding the K2 million DSIP cheques for all opposition MPs for the last 4 weeks.

That is 2 Provinces and 21 districts suffering as a result of such evil agendas being pursued relentlessly by people who are not yet done with corruption. If average population for each of the 21 districts is 40,000 and 200,000 in average for the two provinces than you are looking at more than a million people in this country are suffering for this gross neglect. Realistically there could be close to a quarter of the entire population in PNG suffering as we speak. As if the people haven’t suffered long enough due to their deliberate failures to fairly appropriate care and now has the audacity to hide and keep the DSIP cheques for 4 weeks in a row now. These money do not belong to the opposition MPs but they belong to the people they represent and it’s them who are suffering

Reliable informations from the corridors of Waigani prove that the cheques trail leads all the way to the Chief Secretary Issack Lupari’s office. Rumor has it that the Chief Secretary has been nicknamed the Super Minister where all MPs (accept the opposition MPs) pay reverence or be submissive to his office to have access to their rightful funds.

That calls into question why the Chief of all Public servants abruptly becomes the Chief of all elected MPs or Chief Minister and demean the people of which the submissive MPs represent.

But that is the Engan way where if even one with a smaller status is given a slightest hint of power can even use it to play giants into submission. Look at likes of Chan, Wingti, Ipatas, Nali, Duma etc... to name a few.

For years I’ve always thought that the people of Wabag Open were so dumb to not elect such a national elite as Mr Lupari to represent them in the parliament. Someone whose resume does not stop to impress the eyes of the beholder. The very reason why they’ve been prompted to elevate him to the highest of the civil servants position in this land.

But with the blind selfish ego of the man and his series of deliberate evil neglectful decisions uttered from his office, put to rest my question of old why Mr Lupari is not their number one, neither two nor even their third choice. So I see the people of Wabag are not so dumb as I first thought after all but truly are intelligent with their choices of electing their representatives in Parliament. People are not stupid but they elect people whom they see fit to represent them and they see Mr Lupari is not one. Consequently I now appeal to Mr Lupari to please do the right thing, do the honorable thing and bring some respect back to yourself and hand over the cheques to the responsible MPs.

In the meantime I suggest for that matter for the Opposition to take the Government to court ASAP and demand for their DSIP Cheques to be released. Mr Lupari does not have the right to withhold the people’s funds. How strangely shameful for him to act as an elected MP and to deprive the helpless people of this country off what is rightfully theirs. Please for once Mr Lupari act responsibly and leave politics to the politicians and you stay within your own lane. You cannot hold the country at ransom by pretending to be the PM.

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