Legalizing prostitution simply means pulling sex out of private lives/rooms and placing it onto the business platform, making it a trading commodity on the market. Interesting times where Men are now clipping prise tags onto everything presumed priceless.

The latest commotion over the legalization of Prostitution comes as no surprise on the account that it has been well anticipated. Only 'When' or 'How Soon' stands as the question. And now there's the Knock on the door, and the terrified piglets begin to squeak. Chill out, it's just a knock.

Our previous article mentioned the legalization of Prostitution as one of the many unfavourable events to unfold in the near future, and here we are now, making the headlines.
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Well back to the main discussion.

The idea of legalizing prostitution comes about based on only one paramount idea - Job Creation. If the government is to consider the notion and go forth with legalization, it's decision would stem from their intent to create Job Opportunities for the least productive ladies on the streets. (It's a question whether common PNG women and girls off the streets would consider the business opportunity. Most likely not. The thick PNGan cultural atmosphere will forbid).

Ms. Ana Solomon, secretary for Religion and Community Development, established her remarks over the matter in response to the concerns raised by the illegal or rather 'de facto' sex workers in the urban Centres of PNG. These women (sex workers) believe in the sex business and the income it provides but also well aware of the fact that the entire operation involves risks, in all capacities, petty to deadly or fatal risks. Hence, they want security, facilities and the platform for the business which the government can provide through formal means by legalizing prostitution. Assuming that in this way business would become much more convenient and they would be able to earn better and care for themselves and their love ones, as stated in the secretary's article.
This is the concept the secretary is convinced with, and presumably even the government (public servants barely open their mouth without the 'go ahead' signal from the cabinet this days) in the hope to create Job Opportunities.

This is a typical example of what the government typical does. Doing the rollout of such initiatives without proper establishment of the pros and cons, and foresight. Overlooking the possible setbacks.

So Here's the deal about legal prostitution.

It is a business, and just like any other business, there are foreign investors. People who have vested interest in the money making end of those ideas. Which means after legalization with the materializaton of local brothels, there will be an influx of foreign service providers and sex workers. Then the major competition between local and foreign owned brothels. But it is apparent that local sex workers will endure a business world where the competition will seem unbeatable! Thus, local sex workers kicked out of business.
This is the fact our local de facto sex workers are overlooking. And it will be devastating upon encounter. The little chance they are having now making a living for themselves and their family will vanish into thin air once prostitution is legalised.

Sex work is the easiest way for a woman to make money. A woman who ventures into sex business is definitely someone who could hardly do anything else for survival. So if they are kicked out of business because of foreign sex workers, there is nothing left for them to do. A much worse case for the poor unproductive women and girls.

Yes. That's an inevitable reality ready to unfold upon the legalization of Prostitution. Practically contradicting the intent to create Job Opportunities by amplifying the dependency rate.

So how will those foreign sex workers be brought into PNG and suppress the locals?

Again, just like any other company and foreign investors brought into the country, including Asians and ghost experts. Through compromises with our politicians. This whole thing will develop into a quick and convenient money making mechanism. So the old question pops up, "can PNG politicians be bold enough to say No to anything that generates money?" No! This one could be one the promising money making Scheme among most others.

One may wonder which foreign sex workers would be interested in prostitution in PNG. Or how could it be possible to obtain them?
Well, our old time friends, the Asians. Don’t despise the idea yet, we are not only referring to the Chinese. There are the Thailand, Indians, Philippines, and many more. But that's for the start. Other nationals will also flood in as time passes, and that's for sure.

So here's the crunch of the deal.

No creation of jobs and certainly no positive impact to the Nation. Not to mention it will take another entire article to discuss the side effects of this matter.

So the de facto sex workers of PNG must know that they're fighting for the end of their career. They will end even before getting started. It's an unwise call to make. We'll be at the losing end of this business.

So if there's any group of people who would go against the idea of legalizing prostitution, it's got to be the sex workers themselves. You'll be up to no good if this thing gets into real business.
You're throwing stones from inside a glass house.

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