Let me say this. I got news for the likes of DPM Charles Able and Sam Basil, who think they can make it up the ladder in the PO controlled empire. You will be disposed just like Duma and Don and made irrelevant.

PO is so ruthless he does not believe in loyalty. Come on! What about the Melanesian culture of consensus and loyalty? After all, did not these men (Duma and Don) make PO who he is now? Isn’t it a little too early to chuck these men out. How can PO forget so easily what these men did for him?

The memories of two and half years ago, how these men fought tooth and nail to get PO the PM’s post. Even after the elections in 2012, didn’t these two men play a crucial role in securing PO the PM’s job? Well remember that PO is only half-Melanesian. The culture of loyalty and consensus does not run in his blood. If he can dispose, Don and Duma and then Kua, I think the rest of you should be ducking for cover.

The likes of Charles and Basil, you are currently good to PO as long as you sing to his tune. The second you are out of tune with PO, or you reach higher up the ladder to PO’s likes, you are out the back window faster than you can blink.

PO is a very cunning Politician as far as I can see now. Make no mistake about this man, my elected Leaders. Soon this man will wield so much power, that none of you will dare question nor query any of his grander agendas/scams. PO has used the K9.0Billion Loan (USB and Chinese loans) to consolidate incredible wealth for himself. He will use this wealth to remain in power till he dies. Make no mistake this is his ultimate goal, and he is using all MPs as pawns and puppets to further his agenda.

He is on his way to controlling all Sate owned Enterprises (SoEs), though the revamped Kumul structure. Remember soon he will be the only trustee that controls this massive business empire of the state. Why do I say he is the only trustee? Well didn’t PO conveniently include only ex PMs as trustees? Just look at how he cleverly, included the soon to pass on, ex PMs as trustees.

Please MPs, let’s not fall asleep and treat this matter lightly. The country needs you to stand up against this tyrant. Like it or not, you are all complicit towards destroying our beautiful country by giving this man free reign. Soon PO will be the only person controlling K6.0 Billion of state owned assets (in SoEs), on top of his own thriving personal business empire, though his Remington Group.

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