by Dr Sam Yockopua

PNGeans will sink below the poverty line, more will die of lifestyle & preventable diseases and plunge into anarchy as long as we continue to be ignorant and arrogant.

It is not too late now to stop, think and turn before we fall down the cliff if we keep walking without seeing. We are looking but not seeing, a blind man will look at you but not see you. We are listening but not hearing, a deaf will listen to you but not hearing you.

Not too long from here, all our natural riches will have been evaporated into thin air. We the owners will be left high and dry. In the big mumu pit at Waigani, our leaders keep giving us kumu and leftovers while they feast by themselves and their friends as we continue to become malnourished. And yet we choose not to complain in a proper way. Only a handful do taking huge risks.

There are countries in history that took to the streets to fight for what is rightfully theirs. Many have sacrificed their own lives so others could benefit equally from the mumu pit. We don't realize that we are the owners of the mumu and we should choose to have the head, back bone and the good chunks of meat, but we wait around like dogs to be fed anything and then we fight over it, just like the blind man who looks but does not see. Our own ignorance is the greatest enemy.
Violation of the Constitution, the Organic Law and other Laws that govern our existence must be protected by our people instead of being that blind man.

If Vote of No Confidence (VONC) is indeed a Constitutional requirement, then no one should blatantly twist, turn or convolute it, much to the dismay of the citizens. If bribery of our elected leaders is indeed great insanity to the conscience, then we the people must raise the volume of our concerns instead of being that blind man. If the provision of basic services that maintain life such as health, education, law & order, and other essential services are obliterated; then we the people need to put our heads together instead of being the blind man. Because wrong is wrong, there is no two ways about it.

A wrong thing requires correction accordingly. If people have to March to the Parliament Haus on 28th May 2019 to emphasize these points, it is indeed the Democratic process in exercising their Constitutional Rights to express the freedom of assembly, speech and movement. No police, no army, no one should interfere with this as long as it is non-violent.The due processes must be compiled to which includes seeking clearance from police, and that no damages are done to properties or lives.

There is nothing wrong for a disgruntled worker expressing frustrations by not turning up for work or demands an explanation for any mishaps, similarly in such situations, employees should not heavily penalize the workers for doing justice to the country.

Otherwise, let us continue to live in this vicious cycle indefinitely. Another definition for stupidity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. Best wishes to you all and a safe Monday. Keep working or doing the same things again and again like that blind man!

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