Our country is going through a tough phase including a tough 2019 fiscal year and I do not know why the Opposition Leader and his cohorts including few senior leaders of former O’Neil government want to achieve by going to courts on my election as Prime Minister on the 30th of May 2019.
Since assuming office, we have been looking retrospectively on how we have come as an economy and it does not look good and we are trying to fix our struggling economy that was caused by recklessness, laziness and lack of innovation by treasurers and PMs in the recent past.
Together with former PM., Peter O'Neil they (Pruaitch and O'Neil) have run our economy as treasurer and PM from 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and Pruaitch was again Treasurer from 2014 to 2017.
The Treasurer and the Prime Minister are key leaders responsible for our economy and as a former Finance Minister responsible for expenditures in the same period, I saw first hand their lack of foresight and innovation in diversification of our economy, their weak and lazy approach in just depending on commodity price boom and when revenue drops their run to quick and easy but expensive domestic debts is the reason why we are struggling today in our economy.
“When I talk about taking back PNG, we are also taking it back from politicians who are lazy and weak to take our country to the next phase, politicians who are susceptible to individual and corporate greed. We have failed our citizens in the last decade yet we hide our greed for power under the auspices of procedural compliance and good governance and we use institutions of States like the courts to run our personal agendas.
"Time has come for leaders like Pruaitch to admit that generational change has taken place and join hands to work together instead of wasting our country’s time by going to court.
"Your going to courts possibly affirms the rationale of your nomination and Belden Namah seconding the nomination for Mr O’Neill to be PM nominee on the 30th of May 2019.
"Let’s stop these politics and join hands to rescue our economy, something that Patrick Pruaitch and Peter O’Neill have jointly failed our country.
"Prime Marape says in response to the court case Pruiatch has mounted; "On this court case, may I assure all that I will give my strongest attention to it to dispense it at the earliest. This court case will not affect my plans to resuscitate our economy including a possibility of introducing a supplementary budget that will signal the Marape Steven government's direction.
"Our government is here to stay and whilst the older politicians play around, I note the young (first and second term politicians) who are concerned about doing the right things .... this is your time, let us rally to make our country the Richest Black Christian Nation where no child is left behind."

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