by Supreme Court Insider

1. The Appellants applying for grant of leave by the Supreme court were on three matters: First application was for some  time to be given to be given to appeal against the Ruling on the Competency decision. The second was to have time granted to appeal against the ruling on the No case Submission that had been filed by both the Respondents( EC & Alfred Manase). Thirdly, the appellants were seeking leave to appeal against the trial decision for Recount.

2. All these applications when brought to the attention of His Honour, Justice Batari sitting as a Single Judge in Supreme  Court , He dismissed the applicants for very good lawful  reasons. He dismisses all three applicarions and did direct that such applications could only be made after the National  Court handed down it's FINAL decision after the Recout Order had been executed.

3. The Respondents in the EP who are the applicants/appellants INSTEAD OF APPEALING against the Batari decision to a 3 judges  supreme court, circumvented the court process and brought EXACTLY THE  SAME APPLICATIONS before His Honour The CHIEF JUSTICE, GIBS SALIKA!

His Honour Gibs Salika was adequately informed of the very circumstances that existed by the Petitioner's Counsel. The CJ Gibs Salika was also told of the abuse of process that had occured. The CJ was made absolutely aware that the appellants only needed to appeal the Batari Decision in a 3 judges Supreme Court.  The CJ was a single judge Supreme Court just the same as the  Batari Supreme Court , hence did not have the jurisdiction to hear EXACTLY THE SAME applications that already been ruled by the same court. The ONLY way forward was by an appeal to a higher court.

4. REGARDLESS of the ESTABLISHED ABUSED OF PROCESS  , the CJ Gibs Salika GRANTED LEAVE on all threee(3) applications!!!

5. Effectlivey and Consequently , there are TWO OPPOSITE DECISIONS on the same applicarions by the SAME Supreme COURT. One decision dismissing the applications ! The other Granting leave to  the same Application.! WHAT A BLUNDER CREATED BY CHIEF JUSTICE OF PNG???

6. The motive behind the BLUNDEROUS and Miscarried decision by the CJ Gibs Salika is being investigated by a vigilante group!!! This Chief Justice is very QUESTIONABLE IN CHARACTER especially in HIS rulings!!!!

7. The Applications for an order to STAY the RECOUNT has been heard by a 3 men Supreme Court. The decision is pending. But the questions are:

A) If the Recount is Stayed, will that ruling be JUST? DEFINITELY NOT! Why?? Because an ABUSED AND BLUNDERED OR A  MISCARRIED Granting of leave can not result in a JUST decision!

If the Recount is Not stayed, will it be a JUST decision??? Yes that recount will continue. Also No because the CJ deliberately delayed the recount by a month or two by withholding justice that was due to the people of Kandep in a timely manner!!!!

The Chief Justice of PNG today needs to look within himself honestly if he truely does serve the  God of Justice as he claims as a faithful church goer and elder! Because, obviously that so-called worship of God as an SDA DEFINITELY DID NOT REFLECT IN HIS GRANTING OF LEAVE ON A VERY VOLATILE AND DANGEROUS ELECTION PETITION MATTER. His decision lacked wisdom and devoid of the rules of the court that he is supposed to uphold!

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