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Real estate development is the push behind Port Moresby’s growth - Not Government

by DAVID LEPI Descending into Jackson’s on a hot shimmering Port Moresby afternoon I see the once peculiar sun tanned brown savannah is now replaced by sprawling suburbs after suburbs of modern design of compelling style. The mirage or an optical illusion created by the hot surface below made it look like undulating waves of melting steel and glass cascading into an unforgiving white-hot furnace of the fast approaching tarmac. On the hills to the left, you see excavators carving terraces and flattening land for trenches for foundations, utility conduits, and drainage piping. And swarming with carpenters, electricians and plumbers and all manners of tradesmen eager to pitch in to permanently change the once periphery of National Capital District. This is the growth of a remarkable landmark that is now fast defining the Port Moresby landscape. And who is behind all these concrete pouring and sounds of rhythmic hammers and whining power saws? Is it by some charity group or some long-

Empower the Youths or face the ramification : From a Internal Security Perspective.

by JOHN BRIA Planet Shakers ' a gospel concert turn into a mob gathering as youths take absolute control and third night cancel for security reasons. The aftermath outcome of the concert in NCD resulted in the news of rape, killing, assault, bag snatching, drunken brawl, harassment etc, etc, as neighbors within the vicinity hear nothing but 'gun shots and, tear gas. What does it tell us? This picture itself tells a thousand stories of the grim reality of the potential looming danger of PNG's internal security which also has the potential to ignite national security threats. It is estimated about 85% of PNG's population are made up of youths between the ages of 15-45 years of age and this is the most active age group. In PNG, in metropolitan cities Port Moresby, Lae and Mt Hagen, there is widespread social disorder like crime and prostitution associated with socioeconomic factors like unemployment, school drop outs, rural urban drifts etc. It's now p


PNGBLOGS EVERYONE WHO HAS VOTED FOR A CANDIDATE IN THE NCD REGIONAL SEAT MUST SEE THIS - PLEASE SHARE On Monday 17/July, in the Rita Flynn Court Counting Room, sometime between 6pm to 7pm, a box from Laloki (by Team 150) was opened and its content poured at one of the station for counting under the watchful eyes of all Scrutineers and international observers from the Commonwealth. The attached photos are proof that Powes Pakop has a criminal network of loyal supporters (some of whom are NCDC staff, PNGEC employees, polling officials and public servants) who will do whatever it takes to send Pakop back into our country's National Parliament at whatever cost. ALL PRE-MARKED UNFOLDED 500 x BALLOT PAPERS SEEN ON THE TABLE WRAPPED AROUND IN RUBBER BANS WERE MARKED FOR POWES PAKOP WITH THE SAME HAND WRITING. 5 Ballot Books were also found in the box. It appears someone was in a hurry and left behind vital evidence in this one particular box from Laloki. By the grace of God, the tr


CHANGING PORT MORESBY CITY LANDSCAPE WITH INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT, COMPLACENCY IN COMPLIANCE AND STANDARD COMPROMISED. INCOMPLETE STADIUMS: by LEKEM LAKI The metropolitan city of Port Moresby is booming in construction in all form and shape. Contrasting with rest of the country, the scale of construction happening in Port Moresby is unprecedented. The economic values of all gigantic infrastructure developments are in alarming proportion. If not doubled, it is tripled the factual cost of putting up the projects. Should independent expertise is engaged to study and do variation on the costing; surely extravagance unscrupulous spending would be revealed. Particularly sporting venues, in haste, trying to meet the deadline and delivered incomplete jobs and remain as such. Sir Hubert Murry stadium is progressing at snail’s pace. The sport’s Minister exaggerated and today date, he over exaggerate claiming, under his ministry, he has delivered world class stadiums