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PNGNEWS It's not the first time, Fred Konga is in the spotlight on social media. Many serious allegations were made against Fred Konga in September last year here on PNG NEWS and a major investigation called for. Firstly it was alleged that the Border Development Authority (BDA) Executive Chairman Mr Fred Konga diverted a contract to a company that was not recommended by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to provide brown and white goods to refurbish the newly built houses at Wutung station. Other allegations made at the time are as follows: "The 32 houses built at Wutung are funded under the K90 million loan obtained from the Asian Development Bank. These houses were allocated to all the Border Agencies. The BDA Tendering committee followed stringent procurement ADB guidelines to award the Contract to Suppliers who met ADB’s requirements." "Out of the evaluation process two prominent companies (Brian Bell, Courts and Theodist were shortlisted). These companies of