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Namah’s jet drama

VANIMO-Green MP Belden Namah is furious after accusing brothers Arthur and Sana Somare of trying to board his private jet at Boram Airport, Wewak, East Sepik province.

The aircraft had stopped over to refuel on its way back from Southern Highlands late on Wednesday.
“It is an act of terrorism when they walked onto the tarmac of the airport and boarded my private plane without proper authorisation,” he said.

Namah said what Arthur and Sana did was criminal in nature and they should be made to answer for what they did.The incident, however, could not be confirmed with airport authorities. The two Somare brothers could not also be reached for a comment.

Namah denied a newspaper report that the plane was carrying ballot papers, ballot boxes and a huge sum of cash.“I do not go around carrying ballot papers or huge sums of cash in my plane,” he said.
Namah’s national election coordinator Kotu Akema said he was still traumatised by the incident at the Boram Airport.Akema claimed that they were returning from dropping PNG Party candidates in the Southern Highlands when they were forced to stop over in Wewak to refuel before continuing on to Port Moresby.

Akema said that after getting off the plane, he recognised Arthur Somare standing in front of the civil aviation office. Sometime later, Akema said he saw Arthur and Sana approach them accompanied by a group of men.

“Some of the boys went straight to the plane and boarded it,” he said. “Arthur and Sana approached me aggressively and Arthur asked me what we were doing there before he slapped me and told me to get on the aircraft and get out of there and never return.”
Namah said he would pursue the matter in court.

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