PNC Party has been rocked again this week after a video has surfaced online which involves the wife of the former National Housing Corporation CEO and now PNC candidate for Sinasina Yongomugl, JOHN DEGE, who is having sex on camera in the office of the National Housing Corporation CEO's with another man being filmed by the former NHC CEO himself.

The sex scene took place inside the Office of the Managing Director and furnitures that are in the office are correctly identified. The voice of the man behind the camera is John Dege himself directing his wife MARIAH SUCKLING DEGE how to go about with the man who has been identified as her cousin.

The PNC Party list of sexual infidelities and perverted mentality includes the Deputy Prime Minister and East New Britain Regional Member, Leo Dion, who  has a formal police complaint laid against him on allegations of incest, abuse of trust and persistent sex. The complaint was formally laid against him with the Sexual Offence Squad (SOS) in Kokopo, at the Kokopo Police Station on February 7, 2017.  However, he has not been formally arrested and charged. This is because the East New Britain Provincial Police Commander Joseph Tabali has allegedly refused to effect the arrest and formally charge him in accordance with the police protocol requirements involving prominent figures and leaders. Tabali has instead reprimanded the OIC SOS Kokopo, Sergeant Joe Bimaru for attempting to bring in Dion for questioning.

Samarai Murua MP and PNC candidate GORDON WESLEY had sexual relations with his own two daughters. He abused his two girls when they were much younger. With a constant supply of cash as MP for Samarai-Murua and with o electoral duties or responsibilities, he has the wit and charisma to charm his own blood daughters to perform sexual favours for him. Over time the younger one became pregnant twice and has two kids from her own father and PNC Candidate and sitting Member for Samarai-Murua Mr. Gordon Wesley.

The former Parliament Clerk and Attorney General Ano Pala took over his son's wife, chasing out the son and taking over his wife marrying her and becoming the father to his own grandkid and now fostering a healthy relationship with his son's wife. 

Jim Simatab, who is also Correctional Services Minister seems to be very busy having extra marital affairs with young Tolai girls who are young enough to be his child or grandchild.


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