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Two woman MPs in 2012

Let me begin with officially announcing the declaration of our first two female winning candidates in, Delilah Gore, in the Sohe Open Electorate of Northern Province and Loujaya Toni in the Lae Open Electorate of Morobe Province.

So it’s congratulations to the people of Sohe and Lae for election of their two new Members which now clearly demonstrates the realization of gender equality during this election.

Right around the country, I am pleased to announce that declaration of winners have been made for 50 per cent of the total number of seats contested.

And that means we are on target in completing the 2012 General Elections, and also on time for the Returning of the Writs and consequently advising the Governor General on whom to invite to form the Government.

Elimination rounds are now being undertaken for the majority of the seats and declarations are being made promptly on completion of counting.

I reiterate coming Wednesday’s date for all writs to be returned in order for me to formally advice the Governor General in the process of invitation to form government.


In the Highlands region counting is progressing well for both Eastern Highlands and Chimbu Provinces with eliminations expected to commence on Monday.

From then on the eliminations will be conducted full time as to conclude elections before the date for the Return of the Writs.

In Jiwaka and Western Highlands, counting is progressing into the elimination rounds.

All Hela seats have been declared.

In Southern Highlands eliminations for the remaining three seat are in progress so we can expect declaration of winners to be done early next week.

This is also basically the same situation for Enga.


Most seats in the Momase have effectively been declared and eleimination rounds are being carried out for the remaining seats in all Provinces there.


Counting and eliminations are generally on target following the initial declaration of winners over the past week.

Counting is in progress in Western Province including two elimination rounds from which winners may be declared anytime now for the South and North Fly electorates.

We can expect declarations for two National Capital District seats anytime now as well.

Central province counting is progressing well with final eliminations expected to be completed early during the week as well.

New Guinea Islands

Most seats have been declared and elimination rounds are now being held for the remaining seats.

Again we expect completion by early next week.