In the first quarterly NSO Reform Steering Committee meeting held in April 2015, Mr Koloma was instructed to table the expenditure report which he never did. However, in the last meeting on the 25th August 2015, he lightly briefed the members that it was expanded on the salaries and wages of the NSO Policy and Coordination Division's staff of around K1.3 million and NSO's Goods and Services of K1.7 million Facts at NSO that may relate to abuse of NSO Reform Funds. NSO's Policy & Coordination Division staffs are fulltime employees with employment file number paid through the normal government salary system by the DPM since 2012. It is 100% not from NSO reform funds. NSO utilities such as telephone, email, fax have been out since 2013. Why is NSO engaging alot local consultants some of which are computer illiterate. ? There is a super consultant, a failed Director for 2011 Census. This particular consultant has no apparent use at all. He has been engaged by Koloma as a consultant since 2013. A lot of hire has been engaged even after the NID Project was taken out from NSO. The hire vehicles were were mostly from CountryWide Solution and Datafix. There were other companies and individuals engaging their vehicles as well.

All these vehicles were distributed to the acting deputy national statistician, accounts manager, Koloma's controversial steno secretary, Koloma's brother engaged as a casual, the corporate service manager and a junior officer(librarian). The super consultant as well. These are all 24 hour hire. These minority are still holding onto hire vehicles up till now. This is where much of the NSO reform fund has been exhausted. Papua New Guinea is calling to the Minister for Planning & Monitoring Hon. Charles Abel to look into this. Investigation into the K3million has to be conducted immediately.