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The few last men standing stand alone with everyone else looking at them like as if they are going to steal their domesticated roosters. This observation is to educate the voters, fans, and others interested in general politics regarding the early mobilization in the Kompiam Ambum district for 2017 national election, Enga Province. We will look at the corrupt people who come in the form of decoys who can sell their soul for the purpose of money and quick wealth and prestige, the bureaucrats who support election frauds for money and anticipate positions in public agencies, and finally the despotic tale of aspiring politicians who were systematically marginalized and murdered by John Thomas Pundari. This is also a warning to the concerned people that nature is watching!

Out of the 37 registered candidates, these men are contesting under Pundari’s side:

•       Joe Krammer (Ambum LLG)
•       Jacky Nayaip (Kompiam LLG)
•       Rex Nakau (Kompiam LLG)
•       Shane Ipita (Kompiam LLG)
•       Nathan Pake (Kompiam LLG)
•       Kei Topanga (Kompiam LLG)
•       Nelson Leia (Kompiam LLG)
•       Namba Tumu (Ambum LLG)
•       Mathias Kiin (Ambum LLG)
•       Louis Yandeken (Ambum LLG)
•       Jericho Sanga Karato (Ambum LLG)
•       Tom Amaiu (Kompiam LLG)
•       Peter Yakos (Kompiam LLG)
•       Joe Tonde (Ambum LLG)

These men have been identified based on their association and affiliation. Kompiam is a small district compared to others in the province, so you all have been monitored well. Your despotic lusts have to be shamed and shunned for the public to see and judge.

With want of short term gain, people’s welfare is at immense stake. Needlessly to say elites compromise at the peril of the people. Collective gain should be subservient to individual needs; however, individual desire for material gain takes precedent over societal benefits. Materialism predominantly is playing pivotal part triggering putting cad-before-the-horse. Societal values and norms have no part in cash driven society. The educated elites from respective tribes assume to play advocacy role but in its truest sense, pursuing or represent their own personal interest or put their own agendas ahead that of the people. Pundari know the weak link and capitalizing on it for maximum fame and popularity. Top Kompiam Ambum public servants supporting for Pundari are:

•       Norit Luio – Commissioner at National Youth Development Authority/Commission
•       Johnson Pundari – CEO at Institute of Banking & Business Management
•       Peter Kaik Kanaparo – UPNG Senior Lecturer
•       Dr Ken Ngangn – Secretary Dept of Finance
•       Dr Ben Yaru – Managing Director Environment Services, Director in Telikom and Kumul Consolidated Holdings. Former executive manager in Oil Search ltd
•       Robin Bore – Senior Sergeant & commander of Enga task force the Fox Units
•       Jacob Pisoro – Head master at Anditale High School
•       And other notable small timers, men and women included.

If one investigates these people, they all have questionable dealings and wheelings both in the district, provincial and national level. More of their dirts will be exposed for each individual in the coming weeks. Keep an eye.

Past aspiring politicians whom Pundari put them to coffin are:

•       Dickson Maki
•       Leo Mandeakali
•       Cornelius Kakale
•       Tatius Usukin

Dickson Maki: nil-performing former Kompiam Ambum MP from 2002 – 2007. He is marginalized by the rise of a performing LLG president by the name of Joe Leambo a.k.a 414. He sold his vehicles and other properties in Port Moresby to survive and maintain his Melanesian bigman lifestyle. Worse still, his wife saw him broke so she switched to his cousin brother. Poor broke ass had no option but to surrender to the one who brutally beat him in 2007 national election. Again in 2012, he narrowly escaped death from Pundari’s hands. Pundari paid compensation in 2016 christmas. To this, he was dancing and singing alcolades to Pundari. Funny. You should by now have asked how and why the driver of the hire vehicle you were travelling never get any scratches. Only you and you boys were mutated by bush knives and bulleted. The vehicle you traveling was later discovered was hired by Norit Luio, National Youth Commission Director, under the pretext of national youth services. The hire car whose skeleton remains were unidentifiable.  You are again brutally murdered and buried alive the 3rd time around when you surrendered to Pundari on that rainy afternoon at Kaipores. RIP!

Leo Mandeakali: He has no space to contest. The rise of Patrick Balone and Simon John Nanaokali have marginalized his chances of contesting again. He is also getting old so he had to work for his pensions. His surrender is a great embarrassment to the Wailun people and other supporters as well who wanted to believe in good man. You betrayed your genuine fans, the fans that believe in the SDA God, the fans that believe in agriculture, the fans that believe in good family, the fans who believe in hard work. You betrayed them. Hope you have a good life from fattening your chin with stolen money. Pray well so that you can erase guilt and bid tactics to steal more money because you are running home late to wealth. His greed cannot be fulfilled through the electorate office of the Kompiam ambum people so the real him showered the people. RIP!

Cornelius Kakale: The guy whom was cheated by Pundari back in 1992 has finally grown tired chasing. A hire vehicle and few couple of thousand kina is enough for his retirement. Leo Amben’s rise from his tribe has disproportionately displaced the old man. He gotta survive in the few remaining years of his life on earth.  RIP!

Tatius Usukini:  He and Norbet Tanda from Par village fought fiercely and two tribes got into tribal war. More than 17 people died, houses burnt, gardens destroyed and many more. The divides are still visible to this date. Now, Tatius and Norbet are eating from the same plate. Poor Sambioks and Depaus are died for nothing and still supporting Pundari. RIP!

All the above people who surrendered to their dummy god Pundari are all poor with nothing in their account except Tatius Usukin who got some building contracts and his doing okay. Get their bank account statements and you prove these allegation wrong. By now, these 5 people are politically dead people so don’t waste your time to talk about them. They are looking for money to feed themselves and their wives to grow big and not for good of the people of Kompiam Ambum or PNG. They have sent their kids to the private schools and now have no money to cater for the expensive lifestyle. They need money. They are all broke ass and Pundari knows that well too. Pundari put nail to their coffin box already. IF YOU CAN’T BEAT HIM, BETTER JOIN HIM AND WASH HIS PANTS. Disgrace! There is an Engan saying that goes like this, - Only a dog vomits and then goes back and shallows his own vomit.

The above named individuals and their family members are part of the cronies and opportunists that have been feeding off the public funds meant for development in the district. The cells are now being exposed, slowly and surely more will come out.

In brief, with the help of such people above, Kompiam Ambum is the only electorate that is corrupted with election fraud and stealing of public money for the last 25 years, 20 years by Pundari and 5 years by Dickson Maki. Particularly the very recent election was grossly flawed meaning to say, hijacked, rigged and tampered intentionally by crafty crooks who wanted him to win by hook or crook. People like Paul Sar (former provincial education advisor), Nelson Leai (Enga provincial legal advisor), Titus Usukin (former educationist), Clement Tare (former provincial treasurer), etc who made to their highest point in professional life yet for the love of money became polling officials and involved in election frauds. It is public knowledge done in public eyes. Thank your evils worked right into National court system and the case between Lucas Neah and Pundari was amazingly dispelled. Else, your asses would have been fried in a country where justice system works for the ordinary folks. Pundari paid his way in bumping the eligible voters in his village to 3,000. Should a head count was ordered, there would be less 700 eligible voters would have been counted. However, his malicious evil acts were counter balanced and figure was reduced dramatically to 800. He knew he was on the way out and devised a must do strategy. Using public funds, he purchased Toyota land crusher (white 10 seater) for the Returning Officer (RO) and for the Assistant Returning Officers (AROs); for Kompiam LLG white 10 seater, Ambum LLG brown 10 seater, and Yangis LLG brown utility pick-up. On top of vehicles, he paid RO and AROs x 3 handsomely in two lots of payment. The detail transactions (amount, date, cheque # & account name) cannot be established in this instance for hard copies are court exhibits before the court of disputed return filed by the runner up (Lucas Neah) challenging the incumbent (John T. Pundari). The firearm confiscated by PNG defense personnel in Wabag Town when Pundari’s men were brutally manhandled, these firearms mysteriously went missing from the Wabag Police headquarters the next day. These firearms were exhibits. Police personnel were also in the thick of things, as usual we realised. The same will be repeated but we will keep an eye on the Enga PPC, he is his right-hand man. They are related by the Pundari name, that is, Pundari, Kurai, and the Kakas are brothers.

 “No thieves, no traitors, no interventionists! This time the revolution is real” - Fidel Castro,

In our respective Christian churches, we are told not to serve two masters at any one time. In our family bible studies, we also tell our children it is not right to steal, disrespect common people, and being lazy is sin. Pundari has gone a step ahead of us and built a SDA church in his backyard at 17 mile, port Moresby. Amazingly the pastor is put under his payroll. At the same premises  hostel is housed. These same pastors and priests tell us that the Bible demands the people either serve God or mammon but can’t be both. One day, one fine day, mark these words, all that you all who do anything to enrich yourselves and cheat the people will come biting you and bite you hard and that epic moment is nearing.