In my one term of Member of parliament 1992 to 1997 , I , Daniel Bali Tulapi have stood up to Julius Chan ( PM) and foreigners when I was in NEC .

I was sacked by Prime Minister Chan as minister for standing up to him for "telling him what to do in NEC. "

I told PM Chan.. " I submitted a NEC policy to adopt the Saudi Arabia model of hard KINA policy and not to devalue the KINA at the world market currency trade market."

I told National Executive Council (NEC) cabinet not to listen to foreigners and foreign governments. " I said the Kutubu oil when exported will be paid for and purchased by USA our KINA not by USA Dollar.

That means and I said " K 1 = 3 USA Dollars. At that time K1 = 1.5 one Dollar 50 cents USA DOLLAR.

I said we PNG maintain hard KINA policy and adopt Saudi Arabia model of the Riyal currency of Saudi Arabia 1 riyal = 3 USA dollars.

Saudi Arabia was the largest oil exporter in the world at that time. Julius Chan had never being to a proper university so he was listening to Whiteman and foreigner governments.

Because of my stand and opposition he sacked me as minister and devalued our KINA without NEC DECISION AND APPROVAL.

Parliament did not vote to devalue the KINA. I remember Sir Michael Somare from Pangu pati complaining and supporting me as Minister of the Pangu party in Government when Chris Haieveta was Deputy Prime minister and minister for Finance at that time.

The devaluation of the Kina was to manipulate our Kina value and manipulate oil price and today that criminal Julius CHAN one man Decision to float the Kina on world currency market is killing PNG economy and development aspirations.

How can we be borrowing money when we are oil and gas . Copper. Gold exporting nation.

We are richer financially than USA and Australia by our resources.

Today my stand in the cabinet NEC of Prime Minister Julius Chan in 1994, 1995 has now come to haunted PNG. Economic corruption of PNG by foreigners.

We must now by parliament vote remove our Kina from world currency trade market. Parliament must adopt the model I submitted which is the Saudi Arabia Riyal currency model for the export and sales of our oil gas copper gold.

When foreigners buy our oil in Kutubu this is how our Kina will buy more USA Dollar into PNG Economy . K1 = 3 USA Dollars

K 3 billion KINA = 6 billion USA Dollars. That is our foreign reserves in USA Dollars are held by PNG BANK.

I studied Legal aspects of international Finance trade and investment laws. Peter O'niel. Julius Chan and others and accounts and economists in PNG never studied what I studied. They are brainwashed by Australian national university and law schools .

PNG please listen to me Daniel Tulapi and stand up let us fight for Justice and fairness.

In Parliament I stood up as opposition MP and I enacted by private members Tulapi bill "Fairness of transactions Act 1993 "which is PNG LAW to review the ownership of oil gas and copper gold and resources by foreigners and state of PNG.

Being opposition MP to make PNG nation law is heroic and super extra ordinary that no one in PNG PARLIAMENT has ever done and will ever do.

My Tulapi bill Fairness of transactions Act 1993 was voted as PNG LAW without dissent.
Prime Minister Paias and FORMER Ministers Michael Somare. Julius CHAN. Rabie Namaliu. Bill skate. All voted for my opposition Member of parliament 's private bill.

I was born to be leader of a tribe. Village. Province and Papua New Guinea 1000 tribes.

I am not ashamed to declared that I am one of the KINGS of the 1000 tribes of PNG. I will live as a headman and tribe King God has anointed not elected by Whiteman 's election plots.

Foreigners have interfered with me winning elections in SHP since 1997 elections.

In 1997 when I defended my Kagua Erave seat Chevron Texaco USA corrupted the election process and my votes were not counted and I was given Zero votes.

IN 2017 elections I stood on policies to review the Oil and Gas ownership sin SHP.

Oil search and Exxon Mobile and Peter O'niel and Peter Botton interfered and corrupted elections in SHP.

I was given Zero votes because of my policies for GOVERNOR Seat SHP in 2017 elections .

If ever my people of SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS PROVINCE and especially KAGUA ERAVE ELECTORATE give me any opportunity to be elected into PARLIAMENT .

I will correct the laws and foreigner liars and manipulators and give 100% ownership of oil and gas gold copper and all resources to landowners the natives Kanaka tribes PNG.

I will uphold the PNG Constitution that declared all land is customary land ownership . All gold copper oil gas is owned by the customary land owners not government of PNG.

PNG government must collect export . Import. Profit tax and income tax from landowners ownership of oil and gas. That is what USA government DOES today in USA.

Government does not own land and oil gas and copper gold and resources in PNG.

We must do what USA does . Make good fair tax laws.

Government must stop making laws to exploit our village people and stop making unconstitutional oil and gas Act and mineral laws which the constitution does not permit.

May God bless Papua New Guinea
Spoken by Honourable DANIEL BALI TULAPI LLB LLM FORMER MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT and Chairman of Constitution and Laws committee of the National Parliament of PAPUA NEW GUINEA and FORMER First Minister for Development of the Government of Papua New Guinea.

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