I have lived and worked amongst the Tari's for 7 golden years. They are the most caring and sharing people on this earth.

But 3 calamities befall them and we all regret at some point and feel sorry at some point and am angry at some point in what has happened to them in recent times. Our hearts go out to the innocent women and children.
Calamity 1. 
They never ever got a good deal in the Oil project and continued to live nomadic lifestyle until LNG project and they got shut down as if they don't own the gas resources in the ground. Nothing we do today will fix the problems the Tari's face into the future until we have PNG Parliament grows the balls to review the project's agreements in favor of our resource owners and the country.

Calamity 2.
Mother nature decided it was D-day to strike the heartland of Hela and SHP with 7.5 magnitude earthquake in the middle of Tari country. Catastrophic events unfolded with the complete destruction of properties, homes, infrastructure and most importantly Tari lives were taken. Loved ones are still be uncovered and burial still continues with aftershocks. State of emergency was declared.

Calamity 3.
Tribal violence. The very lives that have been affected by the 2 calamities above are now going to war. More lives are being lost as violence escalates further.
Today is the time we as a country must feel the pains of wrong decisions in Parliament, wrong associations, wrong resource laws, we have wronged the people of Tari. Our leaders and us as citizens of this blessed county must stand up and say no. We can change the course of this country by taking decisive action and make laws to protect our citizen's rights to their God-given and blessed resources.

Today is the time we must reflect and understand the Geohazards our people face each day and implement policies and laws to safeguard and protect the lives of our people minimise the cost to our properties so that the aftermath of any natural disaster is effectively and efficiently managed.

Today we must enforce gun laws and create better platforms for our citizens either in urban or rural settings to feel safe, so they don't become a liability to the state but builders of our beloved nation called Papua New Guinea.
It is how we voice our desires, how we pen the news and how we care for our fellow brothers and sisters that will unite and bring this country forward.
Today let's spend a minute and think about the good things that make Tari people a peculiar good people of PNG.