Truths In Perspective about Telikom PNG, DataCo and bmobile Vodafone.


1. The Kumul Telikom Holdings Limited (KTHL) Board with Mr, Andrew Johnson as the chairman made certain decisions based on an NEC decision made in 2017 to bring all these three state-owned telecommunications companies under a single umbrella or body.

2. KTHL is the new Telikom entity - they have just changed the name Telikom PNG Limited to this. This is currently reflected in

IPA database.

3. Bemobile and DataCo still exist under their own management as separate entities today.

4. The shareholder of KTHL, Kumul Consolidated Holdings applied to ICCC last year to merge all these three entities together. The ICCC refused the merger of DataCo but approved for Bemobile and Telikom PNG Limited to be merged under one entity known as Kumul Telikom Holdings Limited.

5.  Bemobile and DataCo are cash-strapped with huge debt and loan obligations from the Commercial Banks. They have serious cash flow problems.

6. Telikom PNG Limited on the hand is not broke. It has a sizable bank loan (approximately K130 million with ANZ Bank) but is managing to cope well with good cash flow coming into its coffers from its newly built 4G Mobile service and other services. Telikom made sizable profits in 2017. Bemobile and DataCo are yet to make any dime as profits and have significant bank loans.

7. The Kumul Telikom Holdings Board, led by Mr. Andrew Johnson, who is a failed Australian businessman who also failed Bemobile with his engagement  of Vodafone, infusing Bemobile with so many Indians there into Bemobile has manipulated the rest of the board members to force Telikom to give business to Bemobile by way of a MVNO Mobile wholesale arrangement.

8. Mr. Andrew Johnson also made a decision for Telikom 4G Mobile Internet prices - which are currently the best in the market today to be increased by more than 50%. That means the price of your all your current best Internet Plans from Telikom will double.

9. Mr. Andrew Johnson also made a board decision for Bemobile to reduce their Mobile Internet prices to be competitive with the other service providers in the country and sell wholesaled Telikom 4G Mobile Service at much lower prices.

10. That very act (item 9) is going to severely disadvantage Telikom 4G Mobile services and affect its growing and happy customer base.

11. From public records, it has been widely discussed that Telikom PNG has written off Bemobile's debts with Telikom PNG to the tune of well over K45 million in 2017. Inside sources say, that Bemobile mobile still is unable to pay its unpaid bills to Telikom PNG to the tune of some additional K11 million. These are new outstanding bills.

12. Rubbing salt into wounds, Mr Andrew Johnson is pushing for Bemobile to take over Telikom PNG's newly build 4G Mobile service. Additionally, this failed expatriate businessman has bulldozed the board to transfer Telikom PNG's international submarine fibre cables, it's newly upgraded and built High Capacity Transmission Network to DataCo.

13. Directive for these changes was reportedly communicated by the board to all Telikom staff by email this week via a rather confused, ambiguous and contradictory circular notice.

14. These are the reasons why Telikom PNG Management, its staff and the PNG Communications Workers Union are furious and have been holding stop work meetings this week.

15. Foreigners from Australia, India etc have been allowed to suck PNG dry for many donkey years. This cannot be allowed to happen in the telecommunications industry where a state-owned entity like Telikom PNG is reduced to their greedy playground.

A) Telikom PNG staff and its Union are calling on the state minister and the Prime Minsiter to sack Mr. Andrew Johnson.

B) Telikom PNG staff and its Union are telling KCH and the government to let Bemobile file for bankruptcy if it is not capable of competing despite their attempts to make themselves look good with the Vodafone brand and failed Chairmanship of Mr. Andrew Johnson. How ridiculous is that the government saw it fit to promote this failed businessman to be the Chairman of Kumul Telikom Holdings. One would hope that you only get promotion for increasing profits - not failing business under your watch and shall we say sucking up profits for your personal self and get promoted.

C) Telikom PNG, its staff and the union are telling KCH, Minister and the Government to stop the hijacking and distraction and allow Telikom PNG to go into full launch mode for its 4G Mobile service because Telikom believes it can comfortably compete with Digicel, while at the same time bring cost-effective services into the market.

D) Telikom PNG, its staff and the Union are calling for support as it has demonstrated in bringing the cost of the internet down for the good of the citizens, businesses, SMEs, schools government organisations in the last two years.

E). Talk to your MP, write to the newspapers, get on the public radio stations and share on social media and lets stop this madness from happening.