TRUTH REVEALED "Decision Altered"


The presiding Judge Gibbs Salika DCJ has had the decision and was ready to deliver at 1:30pm on Wednesday 13th June 2018 when he was called into to see the Chief Justice to be briefed on the matter following and after
a meeting between Rimbink Pato and William Powi at Airways Hotel VIP suit on Wednesday Morning.

After the meeting between the two politicians, Rimbink Pato called the Chief Justice and advised him of then decision that was to be handed down at 1:30pm and that he was to do anything and everything to have the matter dismissed, following which the decission got altered that made the presiding Judge looking like stupid on the bench when delivering the Decission, at times confussed.

The body of the Decission and in Fact 99% of the Decission was in favour of the Plaintiff CJK, the Judge in his statement agreed that By LAW the Declaration under Special Circumstance was Wrong... and When it is a Wrong, How can you write a Decission RIGHT.

Well, this is the whole senario:

William Powi's Fijian wife lived in a K5000 a fortnight Tougaba Hill Residence paid for by SHPG and owned by Rimbink Pato. Throught that also, William Powi's First wife when Pato was Minister for Foreign Affairs, Powi asked him to transfer to to Canberra to be a staff at our our PNG High Commission thats where there relationship was established.

Then Rimbimk Pato happen to be Chief Justice's brother and the Chief Justice is a staunch supporter of Rimink Pato, who even override the decision of the Electoral Commssion through Judge Harrision to set aside two ballot boxes for Miki Kaoek in tje last election to have Rimbink Pato declared.

The decision of 15th May 2018 that led to all the chaos is a direct result of vested interests and led to the Compromise of the Judiciary which has thus far caused millions of kina of damages in Mendi.

If Joseph Kobol appeal this decission in the Supreme Court the decission will be seen to be errnonous in Law.

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