Conclusions of a Special Investigations Report into the Sale of Old Parliament House Property and Land dated 14th November 2014.

14.2 It is evident that Mr. Kostas George Constantinou of OPH Ltd, Mr. Brian Aldrich of AKT Associates Ltd, Mr. Julius Violaris-President Board of Trustees NM & AG, and Sir Puka Temu, Minister for Public Service all have conspired and defrauded the State Asset, being the National Heritage Site, Section 8 Allotment 11, Macgregor Street, Granville City of Port Moresby, National Capital District. A land in which had housed Old House of Assembly and Old House of Parliament.

14.3 Apparently Mr Brian Aldrich of AKT Associates and Sir Puka Temu had grossly misled the NEC with their purported Proposal together with its NEC policy submission No 31/07 whereby the Council had convened and endorsed Decision No 30/07 based on an unauthenticated proposal.

14.4 It has been proven that Mr Brian Aldrich had applied the NEC Decision No 30/07 to his advantage in rezoning of the land to two (2) lots, manipulating in boundary demarcation of Lots 18 & 19 of Section 8 Granville, NCD thus indicating Lots 19 being the commercial area acquired ninety two percent (92%) of the total land area.

14.5 The recent Valuation Reports of Belden Membi & Associates as indicated that the subjected Unimproved land value in 2008 is at K19,000,000.00 and the reports have contradicts from previous reports of The Professional Valuers of PNG and the report from Valuers General Office-Dept of Land & Physical Planning dated 4th September 2008. The variance of K12 million plus in the real value of the land was demonstrated a fishy and corrupt practice being put forth by Mr Aldrich and their respective Valuers.

14.6 The sale and or a give and take arrangement that had transpired between the State through its agent and OPH Ltd in respect to the sale of Old House of Assembly land and its precincts are irregular, unprecedented and has amounted to a corporate fraud being committed against the State.

14.7 Summarily in 2008 the company OPH Ltd has acquired a commercial land title were formerly housed Old House of Assembly a National Historical Heritage site and or a Prime Commercial land valued at K19,000,000.00 without making any payment for it, not considering into account, payment done for outstanding rental dues. A great loss to the State.

14.8 The responsible Minister to sponsor the NEC Policy Submission was Hon Charles Abel, former Minister for Culture Arts & Tourism as the subjected land was vested with CAO granted to them by Dpt of Lands & Physical Planning in 1998 and Minister responsible for National Historical Heritage Site but instead Sir Puka Temu MP, did submit NEC Policy.

14.9 Mr Julius Violaris President Board of Trustees NM&AG had used his position to suppress its members and Director of NM&AG not to gauged voices or make noises in respect of the sale of the Old House of Assembly. The President undue influence and ignorance attitude towards the sale of our National Historical Heritage Site deems very suspiciously and this contemplates the position of trust he held to take lead to preserve, our culture, history and artefacts.


In view of our findings, we make the following recommendations for you to act upon and they are:

1. That NEC Decision No 30/07 must be rescinded by NEC on a basis of misrepresentation and fraud thus to revoke the validity of the NEC Decision No. 30/07 contained therein in order for the NEC to take immediate legal actions against the Developer being OPH Ltd.

2. That a Commission of Enquiry is set to cause a full enquiry into the controversies surrounding and or leading into the Secretive Sale of the National Historical Heritage Site to OPH Ltd a foreign-owned company initially before offloading of its shares to Nambawan Super Ltd for financial purposes.

3. That Mr Koastas George Constantinou, Mr Brian Aldrich, Mr Julius Violaris and Sir Puka Temu MP are all to be referred to Police National Fraud and Anti Corruption Squad on allegations of various fraud and corruption related complaints which relates to the sale of the State National Historical Heritage Site and Land.

4. That Sir Puka Temu MP be referred to the Office of Ombudsman Commission to be investigated under the Leadership Code on allegations of misconduct, corruption, abused of Public Office and misleading the members of the NEC in meeting No 05 of 2007 into the dealings and subsequent sales of the Old House of Assembly and Land.

5. That the current entire Board of Trustees members for the NM&AG headed by Mr Julius Violaris must all be suspended and allow an independent investigations and or audit team to investigate their accounts and conducts in respect to their tolerance attitude put up by the members towards the issue on sale of the Old House of Assembly Land and property in the city of Port Moresby.

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