NAQIA Acting Managing Director Joel Alu Bribed Police officers with K27,500 to escape prosecution.

A formal complaint has been registered with the Commissioner of Police David Manning last week after incriminating evidence of bribery of police officers by NAQIA Acting Managing Director Mr Joel Alu has surface in 2019. The complaint is against two named officers of the police prosecution team who were based at Boroko Police Station in 2016.

The two named officers (a male and a female) allegedly received a total sum of about K27,000 into their bank accounts though a conduit K2 shelf-company known as Dawai Plumbing and Fabrication Ltd.

This payment was made to the police officers to destroy police investigation files against Mr Joel Soga Alu who was arrested twice on 27th November 2015 and January 2016 for official corruption and assault respectively by the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Squad.

The first arrest followed from a November 2014 complaint against Mr Alu lodged at the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Squad for official corruption. double-dipping on vehicle and housing allowances by whistle blowers in NAQIA.

Fraud Squad records show that Mr Alu was interviewed (Crime Report 224/2014) following the complaint against him and was charged for double dipping on vehicle allowances and housing allowances amounting to K104,463.63 for almost a year. It was stated that he was using a brand-new Toyota Land Cruiser Registration No. BEG 877 purchased by NAQIA and living in a Agriculture Department house and receiving allowances for both.

He was arrested after investigations on 27th November 2015 and was released on bail.

While awaiting his appearance in court, Mr Alu took about half a dozen of his tribesmen from Pawapi Village (with bush knives) to the former NAQIA HQ at Waigani Drive where they proceeded to attack the whistleblower. The assaulted employee reported the matter to police again and in January 2016, Mr Alu was re-arrested and locked up at Boroko Police Station cells for 4 days under no bail conditions.

Mysteriously Alu escaped from appearing in court and answering to the charges. The case against Joel Alu did not proceed to the national courts because the case files had gone missing at Boroko and he walked free for “want of prosecution”.

So how did he escape prosecution at the committal court?

In 2019 information from within NAQIA’s Corporate Division shows that Mr Alu paid police prosecutors at Boroko Police Station a total of K27,500 using a K2 shelf company called Dawai Plumbing & Fabrication Ltd for a job this company never carried out.

Joel Alu approved for NAQIA Cheque No. 416704 on 07th March 2016 immediately after released from Boroko Cells. It is interesting that NAQIA paid Dawai Plumbing this amount although Steven Gama, the owner of the company quoted K30,250. This was possibly because this shelf company is not registered for tax purposes with the Internal Revenue Commission.

Information available with police investigators shows that out of the K27,500 received by Dawai Plumbing & Fabrication Ltd, K23000 was transferred to a known male police officer’s account and K4000.00 to a female officer’s account. Both officers were and are police prosecutors at Boroko Police Prosecutions. Were these police officers paid because they were shareholders of Dawai Plumbing & Fabrication Ltd? Definitely not as far as the IPA registration data shows. These payments appear to be bribes paid for Joel Soga Alu’s freedom and in the process the company and its owner were involved in laundering money.

So how did Joel Alu or his management approve payment to a company for his freedom?

Boroko CID officers carried out a raid under a Search Warrant issued by the Waigani District Court in February 2020. Evidence obtained by police shows that in February 2016, a female NAQIA Officer wrote to the Property Manager Mr Felix Pungu for renovation of the NAQIA owned residential unit she was occupying at Garden Hills. Mr. Pungu (who is a relative of Mr Alu and recruited from the streets when Mr Alu became Acting MD in 2014) fast-tracked the renovation of the female officer’s flat as Mr Alu was held at Boroko cells at about the same time. The mandatory 3 quotations were quickly produced, one by an established firm, and the other two by Dawai Plumbing & Fabrication Ltd and an unregistered business entity name Colorepena Construction Ltd. Dawai’s quotation although invoiced at K30,250 was paid K27,500 only without the tax component because it was not registered with the Internal Revenue Commission.

The NAQIA officer and others NAQIA officers living in the flats at Garden Hills in 2016 corroborated eye witness evidence that the officer’s flat was renovated by a person by the name of Mr. Mark Pani. Mr Pani lives at 8 Mile originates from Mr Joel Alu’s Pawapi Village in Kagua District.

Police are investigating with bank records as evidence to this second payment is indicated on the bottom of the NAQIA requisition form when Mr Alu questioned his accounts staff with a footnote: “what about the other claim that I signed this morning?” When a government official footnotes on an official document with such a question, its 100 percent certain that that other claim is related to the same job. It means that someone else needs to be paid for the same job.

While police Investigators are working to locate a copy of that payment, it can be assume with accuracy that both Steven Gama’s Dawai Plumbing and Fabrication Ltd and Mr Mark Pani or his company were paid separately by Joel Alu in 2016 for the same job. NAQIA under a separate quotation which Police have not been able to obtain during the raid at the NAQIA Head office in February 2020.

Tip of the Iceberg

This criminal bribery of police officers to pervert the course of justice is just one of many allegations of official corruption, criminal bribery of other police officers to daily provide escort services, kickbacks from awarding of building and maintenance contracts, paying for politicians political campaigns and the Agriculture Minister’s costs while he was under a leadership tribunal, and many other reports of maladministration as well. Some of these are listed here:

• unnecessary, illegal suspension or termination of a dozen or so officers and managers on cooked up allegations without proper charges as per the Public Service Management Act 1995;
• covering up of his cronies who were implicated publicly on multiple sex scandals some of which was publicized by former Minister Tommy Tomscoll,
• allegations of excessive multiple payments to one particular building and maintenance company owned by cronies of the Managing Director and the Property Manager and allegations of flying this unknown maintenance company workers to Mt Hagen and Lae to renovate NAQIA properties at exorbitant prices as if those cities have not SMEs based there to carry out maintenance jobs;
• paying Contractors upfront for incomplete housing projects in Wewak, and Daru.
• spending K50,000 to hire a helicopter in May 2017 for the exclusive campaign use by current Governor Hon Chris Haiveta in the Kaintiba area of Gulf Province during the 2017 elections under the pretense of surveying for the new Coffee Berry Borer!
• junket trips to Melbourne and Tawali Resort in Milne Bay by NAQIA by a team of up to a dozen people for a 7-14 days. The delegations to Melbourne by 10 people including NAQIA finance section staff, Mr Alu and his wife, former NAQIA Board Chairman and his wife. Most of these people including the MD, Chairman and their wives and other managers just went to attend a Melbourne Cup event under the pretext of studying the Accounting Software Package which is licensed to NAQIA from a Melbourne based company;
• Tempering of NAQIA’s accounting data to destroy evidence of double-dipping on allowances and other payment;
• up to 3 week long trips by the former a DAL Secretary, Alu and their wives to Europe and Africa respectively under NAQIA expenses; and,
• Large sums of money have been spent on Excessive hiring of numerous vehicles in Port Moresby for the exclusive use by rogue police officers to protect and guard Joel Alu;

Investigation are also being undertaken to expose a 31-year old secret of Mr Joel Soga Alu. There is credible evidence available that Mr Joel Soga Alu has been using someone else’s Gr 12 school certificates to enter University of Papua New Guinea. He will be charged for impersonation as soon as the key witness is located by investigators looking for the original Joel Alu.


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