Police Commissioner and Pandemic Controller, David Manning made Friday’s front page of the Post Courier with the headlines “Covid-19 Vaccine Queried – China asked to explain reported tests”.

Was it a joke? How true could this be? If there was anyone it would be David Manning himself, the man at the helm of the Pandemic law response and enforcement in PNG. Anything including persons could not possibly enter PNG territorial space without his knowledge and approval. True it shall be!

Again we ask, how did the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine ever make inroads to Kurumbukari at the first place? We only learnt about its existence and tests on the 48 Chinese mine workers after the Ramu NiCo Management Ltd wrote to the National Department of Health (NDoH) informing it about the Aug 10 vaccination. PNG would never have known about this otherwise.

Chinese duck farmer cum tycoon, Chen Mailin and his team sneaked into the country on June 23, 2020. The flight originated from Vancouver via Japan, Hong Kong and Port Moresby. Reason? To donate 50,000 facemasks and 20 ventilators. Wow! Just that?

Manning said the arrival of Mailin was “done under very controlled protocols”.

Environment, Conservation and Climate Change Minister, Wera Mori said the Chinese businessman (Mailin) was here “to help PNG tackle environmental issues”. Oh Yeah?

Former Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill questioned the secret international fight into the country by Mailin that breached Covid-19 emergency protocols and civil aviation laws of PNG.

Then, the “dark flight” of July 26, 2020 on Bogi Bogi illegal airstrip near Papa village, Central province. On board was a lone Australian pilot David John Cutmore, 52, with what insiders said were 144 bags of cocaine each weighing around 15 kilograms.

According to the US Office of National Drug Control Policy, one gram of cocaine in the US is sold on the street at US$169 per gram or PGK698.06 per gram.

Based on this calculation, the 144 cocaine bags would fetch around US$365,040,000 or PGK1.5 billion.

PNG would not have known about the “dark flight” if the Cessna 402 C had not crashed on take-off. So definitely, it wasn’t a “drug bust” at all as the news mainstreams were led to believe and reported. It was sheer coincidence that turned accident. It has always been a clandestine operation of the underworld in our midst.

Australian Federal Police (AFP) admitted they have been monitoring this syndicate for two years. So did they inform their counterpart in RPNGC? Why did both police (AFP and RPNGC) sit on it until that fateful day juxtaposed? How is this syndicate NOT RELATED to the June, 2019 Milne Bay’s Budi Budi Island AUD$50 million or 129.9 million PGK cocaine story (widely reported) where ordinary God fearing islanders were threatened at gun point by six Chinese men and one Montenegrin who pursued the disappearance of their packs initially hidden in reefs underwater?

Insiders say after the plane crashed, the 144 cocaine bags were damaged. The damaged contraband was then repacked into a total of 28 bags which have now been confiscated by police and reported in the media.

“We’re dealing with a well organised syndicate with links to the very top,” an intelligence source texted me last night.

The Australian pilot was taken to a hotel room (named) and housed until July 28 when he surrendered himself to the Australian High Commission in Port Moresby.

He was later charged by police and appeared at the Waigani Committal Court on July 31 and was found guilty of illegal entry under PNG Immigration law and fined him K3,000 and ordered for his immediate deportation.

But police have not filed any charges on Cutmore relating to drug smuggling and movement of contraband products within PNG territorial space and as such the Court could not delve on the matter.

Two other suspects (locals) in this matter have since been charged and appeared in Court. Yet, the question remains, will Cutmore also be charged for transporting cocaine into PNG? Will Cutmore also be charged for breaches under our civil aviation laws? Will Cutmore also be charged for breaches under our Pandemic Act 2020? Other relevant charges?

Journalist, Simon Eroro was on crash site and posted on his Facebook page: “I am surprised the so called pilot of the drug plane crashed was not charged for the cocaine when evidence was right there next to the plane? Those involved in the trade gathered the ones on the ground and thought it will burn with the left engine but the substance was very clear on the ground. Why was he charged for illegal entry and not on the drug? Evidence was there. The truth will come out”.

A police insider revealed: “The Pilot, David John Cutmore, was formerly employed with Hevilift PNG flying twin otter planes in and out of Port Moresby, he knows exactly what altitude to fly and avoid being detected by radar at Jackson's airport control tower, and he did exactly that after leaving Mareebee in Queensland he informed his contacts to get his jet A1 fuel (actually Avgas) and wait for him with cargo at the isolated (Bogi Bogi) airstrip.

“The pilot knows the guys at NAC especially the boss (named), who is (senior police officer named) brother in Law.

“The senior officer (named) was the first man at the Airstrip with an ex- soldier who is (senior officer) relative and works with (named) the owner of (hotel named and location) in NCD.

“Ordinary people cannot just go and get Jet A1 (actually Avgas for Cessna 402 C which has a piston engine that use Avgas not Jet A1) fuel at Jackson's Airport NAC fuel Depo. Senior officer (named) sent two of his (ethic group named) Policemen with 15 Jerry cans and they refuelled 300 litres; 20 litres x 15 jerry cans for the Twin Otter plane’s return flight.

“Interestingly, who paid for that Jet A1 (Avgas) fuel when police RPNGC doesn't have a plane. The team with cargo, code name: Kambang and fuel and ladder were at the airstrip when the plane touched down undetected, refuelled and loaded 144 bags of Cocaine, each bag weighing about 15 kgs.

“That plane Cessna 402 is designed to carry maximum load of 4,000 pounds or 1.832 kg (actually maximum take-off weight for Cessna 402 is 3,000 kilos or 3 tons). However, the pilot didn't care, he took off with the wind direction towards the bush instead of taking off against the wind direction towards the sea and over Lealea village to avoid being detected.

“He could not lift off and skid into the bush. All the Kambang bags (some damaged) were loaded by the gang with the Pilot back to the City.

“Next day, Monday morning (July 27), the NAC boss, charted a Hevilift helicopter to remove the plane back to Jackson airport but some smart policemen intervened.

“Since RPNGC members are involved AFP is dealing with pilot now. 30 x bags Cocaine confiscated at hotel (named) yesterday,” the insider said.

A former top cop in the city in a SMS to this reporter said: “One group of policemen are now blaming the other group but they are all connected.

“You must make noise to remove all NCD CID and Central province CID plus some Gulf province officers”.

What have we to celebrate 45 years of Independence this Sep 16, if our State institutions, people manning these institutions, laws governing these institutions, are continuing to be breached and our sovereignty compromised again and again.

When our fathers formed this nation, they did it with every pride and vision for a better future based on principles of national-common. To better understand these principles, one need to revisit the National Goals and Directive Principles in the Constitution.

They put in laws and created strategic institutions; the courts, bureaucracy, police, defence, correctional services, education, health, foreign affairs and trade, commerce and banking, media and information, and importantly religion freedom and civil liberty.

Grand Chief and Commonwealth’s longest serving politician record breaker (49 years in active politics), Sir Michael Thomas Somare once told Paul Bengo: “That’s exactly, why I want Kanaka’s like you go to school” when he responded to Bengo’s doubt about the formation of a new nation.

In the course of just one generation (40 years), and we have lost it all. Our sovereignty has been compromised not by aliens but ourselves. We are the vice unto ourselves and the pathogen hangs on and spreading rapidly onto the body parts. Corruption in PNG is therefore endemic, systemic and systematic, it’s nearing unmanageable level.

Who is responsible for our woes? The top five per cent who control power, money and bureaucracy of or national-common wealth. The more the level of education and authority, the greater the art of destruction and thievery. One signature only to allow an alien into PNG could fetch up to K150,000. Math this out for 15 non-English speaker Chinese into PNG?

This week media reported the apprehension of “30 aliens” at a logging base in Northern province. Again, who allowed them in at the first place?

As you read, gold, copper, precious undeclared minerals, oil, gas, fish, timber, and tons of our God endowed riches are taken out unmanned, unwatched. Our Government has no idea – because it’s never there and has zero capacity to be there - how much the absolute value of our resources are being plundered every day and every night as we wine and dine under unreliable electricity-suffocated city lights.

Strategically, our eye, nose, and hear through our Constitutionally established National Intelligence (NIO) Organization has been dismantled and over taken by Israeli’s Mossad through DIGNIA, the business arm of Israeli military.

Our resources, their profit, is the end product! No wonder cartels, drug syndicates, Covid-19 vaccines, resource plundering and all sorts of amphetamines find their way here on this island paradise.

For how much longer?


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