Prime Sinister and Grandest Thief Paul Paraka Continue Strategy of Judicial Delay and Postponement.


The strategy worked for our Prime Sinister back in 2001.  He hopes to get off on the current criminal and leadership charges by using the simple but effective DDD strategy:    Delay, delay, delay.    The value of delay is clear with any case put forth by the ombudsman.  

O’Steal liked what he saw in the case of Arthur Somare, who delayed his Leadership Tribunal literally for years.   The Prime Sinister plans to so the same if it appears likely that he’ll be found guilty.  The strategy is actually a 2 step one.  First, cause DDD to the Tribunal, moving the process as close to 2017 election as possible.   Second step is to resign just before the Leadership Tribunal gives their decision, if it looks like the Tribunal will find him guilty. 

Once he resigns the Leadership Tribunal must close down, it cannot give a verdict.  That leaves Peter O’Steal free to campaign for the next election, telling the people of Pangia that he has big political enemies in PNG who hate the people, the people need to put him back into office to fight evil, etc.   Har har har har har!! But the simple people of Pangia are likely to believe O’Steal so the plan will work. 

 Of course before resigning O’Steal will hand the reins of power over to a very trusted PNC deputy to complete planning on how to buy the 2017 election.  Whether another deceitful “supplementary budget” can be pushed through is  not certain.  Anyway O’Steal never runs out of ideas and he never gives up if you haven’t noticed that already.  

Winning again and presumably coming to power again, the Prime Sinister’s opponents could push for re-establishment of a Tribunal but will likely be too discouraged and worn out by then.   Time has always worked in O’Steal’s favour.    If you been wondering why such a straightforward piece of legal work as the ombudsman’s current case would take so many weeks just to get past Public Prosecutor Kaluwin, remember this case about O’Steal and the UBS Loan is not about rocket science.  There is no major legal complexity to the matter, it is straight forward.  The delays are intentional.  Strike it up to the DDD game.   Even now there is no formal word that the Public Prosecutor has brought O’Steal’s case before the Supreme Court Chief Justice. 

 Understand that it is not illegal at all for a good friend of O’Steal (might that have been Powes Parkop?) to convince someone to “give the Prime Sinister a break, sit on the case for a few months, please”).   Relieved that he’s not going to be threatened or bribed, the person approached in the judicial process gives a sigh of relief and willingly grants the request for DDD, convincing themselves that they have done nothing wrong by granting this small favour.  Wrong.  It is morally wrong to grant these delays. 

Meanwhile on the criminal case front, the Prime Sinister’s strategy is also DDD but with different aim.   Our aspiring dictator knows the longer he delays things, the more the media and the people of PNG lose interest in the case, or forget about it completey.  The same happened with the NPF trial.  Once the case is no longer has peoples attention, O’Steal will move in for the kill.   As always, he’ll use middlemen to shop the police Department, public prosecutor and magistrate too, to see who might be willing to make a deal to throw the case.  Thats how he got off on the NPF trial – the very clear paper trail of evidence against him suddenly was called “insufficient evidence” by the judge and thrown out, case dismissed!    

O’Steal is hoping to get off the hook in his criminal case the same way.   Disappearing public interest helps O’Steal.   Already everyone has forgotten about the mandatory requirement that he be arrested and questioned before being charged.  Yawn, yawn, fading public memories.    As long as O’Steal controls the Police Minister, each day will pile upon past ones, fading memories and motivation and improving prospects that the Prime Sinister will win this battle too.  Expect a trial nearly 3 years from now if O’Steal has his way. 

Turning to the Paraka case, the days of secret sharp talk and fist fights between O’Steal and Paraka are long over.  They realise that staying out of prison depend upon their close cooperation.   Note that although the Judge who released Paraka was arrested then released on bail, Paraka himself remains free as a bird and hasn’t paid a single toea bail money.   No judge right now is willing to bring up the subject because most are too scared they don’t want to deal with this case.  Grandest Thief Paraka’s court case is proceeding faster than O’Steals, but also with the intent of using DDD.   Both O’Steal and Paraka have more than enough money to pay attractive bribes and it only takes one bad pawpaw in the group required to prosecute a case to destroy it.   

These 2 criminals are convinced that they are smarter than the people of PNG.  They have little fear that they will ever spend serious time in prison, O’Steal has said as much in private.   Do your part to make sure their cases do not slip too deep into the bottom of people’s memories.   Help put the O’Steal and Paraka cases into the public attention now and again as needed so they remain an issue.   The Prime Sinister has pressured top guns in the media to not mention the cases except when there is no alternative.   For the sake of God and the People of Papua New Guinea, Justice Must Rule Against Grandest Thief Paraka and Prime Sinister Peter O’Steal so do your part to keep the cases publicised

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