As a serial liar Peter O'Niell publicly lied by denying the 2015 Budget shortfall.


Some bloggers have suggested the military to do something about the rampant corruption by the O'Neill government. The simple answer is there will not be a military takeover because he made sure the Military Head is a man from Ialibu, his own electorate. Although this does not detract from the fact that Gilbert Torope earned his position and has the respect of the rank and file, he also will not lift a finger to challenge what is clearly a rotten and corrupt government led by the PM himself.The Military option has been neutralized by O'Neill. This leaves the students and the peoples option open.

ONeill has not been just sneaky in gaining the majority of the pokies licenses under Duban in such a short time, he has tried to use the NCD Physical Planning Board to close down the 4 mile Casino because it was owned largely by Belden Namah and because it was going to challenge his own ambition to become PNG's first Billionaire of PNG- by hook or crook.

While he announced free education and free healthcare policies, and we were carried away by the euphoria of how it sounded, we find out that not only has he deceived us with Free Education Policy (when teachers are not properly trained and there is very little by way of materials and proper equipment) and free health care policy (when there are no proper equipment trained staff clean facilities and even the basic medicine), he used them as cover or decoys for what he was really up to. These are just hollow policies which are as hollow as the man himself. He has deceived the nation and the poor unsuspecting people who don't know what is really going on. In lieu of school fees, the government has left it open for some schools too charge other fees which are just as, or even more, than previous school fees.

From the outset he came into power breaking through the side window. And he started castigating the Somare Government. People dared to believe in him. They believed in him because they wanted to believe in someone more educated yet compassionate. They want to believe in someone intelligent enough to do the right thin by the nation. They want someone brought up in the same village ways, the same village upbringing and the same values of sharing and caring. They want to have someone who is modern smart and wise and is able to carry the country and take it to the next level. They wanted to believe in ONeill because someone who grabs power from someone like Somare must be able to do much better than Somare.

The masses thought O'Neill knew the traditional Melanesian obligation to perform much better than Somare and they expected he would intuitively know and do better because most intelligent PNGians know that their governments over the years have become so complacent, slack and corrupt, They can see the nation is destined for ruins with foreigners taking everything. Most thinking PNGians could see their hopes and those of their children fizzle while foreigners come in and take everything due to policy failure and lack of direction by successive political leadership since Independence, coupled with a biased banking system designed to exclude Papua New Guineans from doing real business.
PNG should and ought to do better, but is always being dragged down. It is always punching way way below its weight in the intelligence and ability stakes. The people have been treated like idiots by their leaders. Their leaders do not realize that the country has moved on and the younger generation expect to be on par with the rest of the world. We don’t want to apologize to anyone due to the state of our condition when we know the nation has the intelligence, resources and ability to change it for the better.

When Peter ONeill stole the Prime Ministership from Somare, he stole the legitimate and mandated leadership mantle of the Country under the Constitution and its processes. What the people who felt relieved when ONeill stole government did not understand that the nation and the politics endorsed and supported a culture of stealing. We endorsed a culture of stealing what is not ours. Stealing began with Peter ONeill and those around him during the heady NPF days when ONeill was Skates Party President and close advisor.. When the public processes did not correct him, and hold him accountable, he was able to get away and keep stealing. This time he ended up stealing the Prime Ministership.

Peter ONeill was stealing even while a Cabinet Minister in the Somare government. He stole tens of millions through contracts to his own company, the Remington Group and through the Public Service Housing scheme ( K35 Million) with Sir Frederic Reiher (he should be stripped of that knighthood- fucking thieve). As Public Service Minister he made money through Office allocations managed by John Kali. I don't need to go on.

O'Neill also initiated the culture of deception. He tricked the people saying he was going to sell the Kumul Falcon Jet. Instead the first thing he did was to take his wife Linda and his entire family on a private holiday to New York. He accused Somare of wasting public funds and he was going to sell the aircraft, but in truth he deceived the nation. Oneill is still flying around in that private jet of his while the poor people cannot be allowed to sell buai, even at the city limits, to earn a living.
More recently ONeill gave himself ( and L& A Brick Layers) contract to refurbish Parliament and Morauta Haus and other derelict government buildings without a tender but these contracts all up exceed K100 Million in value. The Parliament refurbishment involved smashing of traditional carvings. While the people were arguing over the carvings ONeill and the fat Chinese lady were laughing all the way to the bank. (Funny but true).

ONeill created a supplementary budget of K500 Million as soon as he grabbed power and before the 2012 elections. Most of that was grabbed by Peter ONeill to fund his own and PNC Elections. The person who knows the details of how much ONeill got is Dr Peter Kora, former Secretary for Planning. Kora knows because ONeill would pick up the phone and call him directly and tell him which of his (phoney-giaman) submissions by his cohorts Kora should prioritize and approve. Peter ONeill accuses Wartoto and Paraka, but he was doing it himself, while deceiving everyone that he as PM is fighting corruption. Kora has kept all the records to protect himself in case there was an Inquiry.

ONeill is also an accomplished Liar. ONeill did sign the Paraka letter to Polye and Marabe to pay Paraka. But he lied and denied it. He lied to Parliament under oath and he lied to the people of PNG. Why? Because firstly; he didn't get any kick back, and secondly; he deliberately wanted to hang Marabe and Polye. He sees Polye and Marabe as possible threats politically and wanted to destroy them and get rid of them. This PM is willing to not just deceive but to straight out lie.
Everyone in the know are aware Ben Micah brought the draft Paraka letter to ONeill at Airways. ONeill signed the letter in the presence of Sir Theo Constantinou, Chris Haiveta, Daniel Korimbao, Isaac Lupari, Ben Micah and two others. When Don Polye got the letter from PM, he couldn’t believe it. So he rang the PM to confirm his directions on the letter personally. Polye put witnesses on speaker phone when the PM answered and confirmed his signature and asked the moneys be found and Paraka be paid. Today, he not only lied to the people and Parliament, he lied to Polye and Marabe. When the PM denied his own signature, even Ben Micah and the PMs staff officers knew they were in trouble. They also knew the PM was in deeper trouble.

Peter ONeill is the PM. The person holding the office of PM never deliberately lies and deceives Parliament and the people. He ought to be a person of highest integrity. It is absolutely unbecoming of a Prime Minister to conduct himself this way. Yet, this is the reality of the person who is the PM today. ONeill is the master of disguise, king of deception and father of lies. Peter ONeill is a smart political tactician. He will out manoeuvre all his political opponents and his coalition partners. Look at the way he hung Belden Namah. Belden trusted ONeill in the most naΓ―ve way possible. ONeill instructed him to storm the Supreme Court and throw the Chief Justice out on the day ONeill himself flew out to Honolulu for a meeting on the Falcon Jet. ONeill knew this will land Namah languishing in jail for contempt and no longer will Namah be a threat with his bags of money.

These are some examples to show the public of Papua New Guinea that this man is pure evil. He is not what he seems. He grew up in poverty and he never sat under the wise tutelage of elders or a proper family to know the normal bounds of human behavior. It is clear this man will do anything to grab power and wealth for himself no matter what the cost is to the rest of society and the rest of the nation. Peter ONeill was the principal advisor to late Bill Skate when they destroyed the economy of this country. It took a very long time to build up foreign reserves and healthy balance of payments figures. Today we have seen ONeill deliberately design two consecutive years of budget deficit, which has placed this nation in the most precarious place ever. We will be lucky to have enough foreign reserves to cover three (3) days of normal trading- this after most of the construction phase of LNG has been fully paid for!

O'Neill now goes off and borrows USD$1.2 Billion from the Swiss Bank UBS (out of Australia) to buy Oil Search shares that we don't need. ( I read Dr Onguglo's article and other commentaries here). This loan is to serve Peter ONeill. He is benefiting through fees and commissions, as well as at the other end through Interoil beneficiaries to the tune of K400 million to his foreign bank accounts held by his cohorts in trust.

We PNG people don't need this loan. It does not serve our best interests as a nation. It is an illegal loan because it did not get Parliament approval and Cabinet has been tricked using PNC numbers. PNC has the numbers. Peter ONeill has license to print money. Where does that leave the rest of us? What gives this guy the divine right to print money for himself and his family and friends using our common opportunities and our common resources?

We once had an income stream that flows to the State from the LNG Project which we secured through our 18% shares we previously had in Oil Search. Whilst the Dubai based financiers (IPIC) have exercised the option to convert the loan to equity by taking our Oil Search shares, we have gained our share (19%) in the PNG LNG Project fully paid for. However, now by taking out this loan ONeill has compromised the 19% direct dividend flow and replaced it with only 10% dividend from OIl Search - if Oil Search declares any dividend. Trading a 19% unencumbered income stream for a 10% dividend stream is stupid. It is the most stupid and bizarre economic decision. It is clear something is wrong. It is clear the PM is fucking up the economy and fucking the country up.
And here comes the real stinger! ONeill has pledged both the LNG Income (19%) as well as the Oil Search income (10%) in favor of the Swiss Bank UBS, to secure the USD1.1 Billion loan. ONeill has fucked up the economy of PNG. He has placed us in the most dangerous position ever since Independence. There is nothing to stop UBS calling on the loan and taking our Oil Search and LNG Shares if unpaid landowners shut off or blow up pipelines. We don’t know the exact terms of how the country has been mortgaged. In any case there wont be any income stream for the economy for the next 10 years at least as UBS has priority call. Our Children’s future has been mortgaged. All the free education and health care policies are political gimmickry.

The sooner political Leaders around ONeill realize what a dangerous and unprecedented place ONeill has placed our economy, the sooner they will do something to end this stupidity.
For now Unitech students will take to the streets. Next the UPNG students and other student bodies will take to the streets. The public will join them. The Public servants will stop work in protest. The buses will stop transporting people to work. The taxis will stop work. Bring the nation to a stand still. It is the only way in which we will end this stupidity. The peoples power must be seen and felt in all the towns and cities throughout the country. We didn’t vote them to steal and deceive and lie. It is only right and proper for the people, from whom power is derived, rise up and peacefully assert their democratic rights. Force the Politicians to change this government, and stop this evil loan obtained for corrupt purposes. Will we rise? Let me hear you all echo silently...tell me what your heart says. Do what your heart says! Your country needs you today! Its time to march. Its time to change the history of corruption once and for all. Its time to send a clear message to politicians. We have the power. It is our power not theirs!

Every individual who calls himself a proud Papua New Guinean must rise up. Educate each other. Encourage each other. Talk among each other and rally each other for action. Folks we cant stand back anymore. This nation of Papua New Guinea has been richly endowed by God with natural and mineral wealth and divine wealth in its people. It has a mission to fulfil among the fraternity of nations and for divinely preordained purposes. However, it will not fulfil its destiny if its leaders keep stealing, deceiving, and telling lies and

to serve the people while serving themselves. It is time to act. It is time for the people to get rid of stupid greedy selfish leaders who are corrupted to the core.


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