Having the Form of Godliness but Denying the Power Thereof.


This country of Papua New Guinea is taken by storm and citizens must not be in laid-back mood but wake up to the realities and be proactive. Take heed of danger warning signs. Pay attention to resonating warning alarm bells reverberated across the spectrum and get the feel of an urgency of day and age in which we are living. All forces (political, economy & spiritual) are at work behind the scene ready to unleash and in whatever form or shape that might come, only our preparedness will withstand the onslaught. For we surely will pay for passivity and pay at a higher price should nothing is done to avoid the inevitability.

The ripple effect of absentmindedness will hit those in the middle bracket and below and will hit hard. Concern need to raise and be counted in the number for greater good.

In the gospel of Luke records a statement of Christ and it is paraphrased, “how hypocritical can you be to discern the wind direction and determine to be a hot day and it turns out as determined or using analytical skill to discern the appearance of earth and sky but yet determine not the present time (Luke 12: 55, 56)? There is paradigm shift in the spiritual realm blending with politics and economy. There somewhat appears relativity and by this I mean, looking good, feeling okay, sounding sense and nothing sinister to press the panic button so why bother. Let there be continuum of life whilst unbeknown forces working behind the scene to get us by storm without warning.

There is a startling statement by great apostle Paul alluding to the struggles of life is neither to do with flesh nor blood (tangible human) or political power, however, adversary is being dictated by powers that transcends beyond human powers (Ephesians 6:12).

What the Speaker of Parliament was aspiring to do in record time is nothing short of empowered by forces from a spiritual realm in disguise of giving exultation to God. Don’t be misled to the deception thinking that this is divine intervention. Speaker, as an elected member of Parliament, he is duty bound to maintain order and proceedings in Parliament, not donning two wigs, one as Speaker and other as clergyman.

At no time, he is to advance the cause of religious faith through the elected office using tax payer’s money. Using tax payer’s money pursuing the purposes of his religious faith is outrageously absurd. No thinking rationale person in his/her God given mind would do such a weird thing using public office and tax payer’s money advancing the cause of his religious faith disadvantaging others. Two can’t be amalgamated for both entities don’t share lot in common.

The written word of God is clear as crystal and between the pages, it admonishes, Christian should not serve two masters (Matt. 6:24, Luke 16:13). One can’t serve mammon and God at the same time. However, politician turned clergyman has become a celebrity and in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Same is true with public servants and known figures public domain rise suddenly as clergymen sharing accolades as clergy.

Speaker’s action is well backed up by ruthless and totalitarian regime of corrupt O’Neil thinking that removing totems in Parliament and promoting and placing 400 years old KJV bible in Parliament will twist the arm of God to make Him favour them and right the wrongs of corruption riddled O’Neil regime.

With the carnal mind, full knowledge and intent of heart, devise schemes, place cronies in strategic positions and dictate to advance individual agenda and behave presumptuously promoting religion. Taking centre stage blending religion and politics can back fire and only the time will tell. God discerns every motive and intent of heart, according to Heb. 4:12 and we can’t make God to think like we do as human. For bible (Isaiah 55: 8,9) says His thoughts aren’t ours and our ways not His.

Practice of Christianity is a secret call and its sanctity must be maintained undiluted 24/7. There must be clear demarcation between secular institutions and churches of all faiths. As a guardian of religious sacredness, clergymen should not be rallying behind politicians or get in the assemblies of ungodliness. However, when it comes to religious practice, which is a private life and salvation is an individual matter. Not even the clergy will decide on the final destiny of men. That is a sole prerogative of God, never delegated.

In the context of narrative recorded in the bible (Luke 16: 16-18), a slave-girl having a spirit of divination met Paul, Silas and Luke (narrator), followed them and she kept crying out, saying, "These men are bond-servants of the Most High God, who are proclaiming to you the way of salvation." She continued doing this for many days. Paul was greatly annoyed, and said to the spirit, "I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her!" And it came out at that very moment.…
Religious sects flocking to Parliament in great numbers somewhat worries and intrigues. NaΓ―ve congregational members, in their limitation or stupidity and ignorance, on the heat of the moment, chanting for nothing better than wasted time and energy all for the glory of few advancing their own ends.

Parliament house belong to the people of Papua New Guinea. Theo is mandated by the people of his electorate but doesn’t have the same right to unilaterally reform Parliament by stubbornness and willy-nilly. Parliament is not the worship centre so, stay away and practice religious faith within the confines of your worship place.

When politics and religion combines, language (clergyman & politician) changes. Clergyman is laudable uttering carefully choreographed words into sentence impressing the politician anticipating a BIG thank you (material form) in reciprocation.

Public figures or public servants turned clergyman further adds to bewilderment. One has to undergo intensive training in a theological seminary college to assume the title Pastor or whatever title accorded and it is done on merit coupled with years of experience. Just because one has the ability and eloquence to articulate well in public, doesn’t qualify for the clergy title. Sad to say it’s becoming a norm in the Pentecostal movement and infiltrating into mainline churches and its losing the sanctity and this is the thing that is engulfing PNG by storm as alluded in the preamble.

No amount of prominence one takes in public arena will stay the cause of corruption. Placement of 400 year old KJV in Parliament is not the game changer or will bring desired resulted.

An individual must champion and become the agent for change. One must not conform to the world but be transformed by renewing of the mind according to Romans 12:2. A change is internalised and impacted by continued soul searching study of God’s word and prayer life. It isn’t one of event but continual for we are leaking vessels and require daily infilling of the Holy Spirit. Unless one experiences this, public prominence and marching in public is merely for fame and popularity and equates to nothing better than a show imparting false hopes.

I challenge those rallying including Theo Zurenouc reforming Parliament to take a second look at themselves yet again and read and re-read what it means to “Having the form of Godliness and denying the power there of (2 Timothy 3:5)”.

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