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For an Highlander who cannot aggressively drive changes in this country is nothing more than a fake or weak person. Perhaps it's the cultural thing to be lenient on wantoks, tribesmen or cronies. Compared to Peter O'Neill (although O'Neill is worst corrupt) PMJM cannot shake the system hard enough to ensure PNGs expectations of changes are effected within the entire government systems. "TAKE BACK PNG" is just a sweet sugar flowery words from a deceptive orator who has weak drive.
Adolf Hitler was a deceptive orator but he had a heart of steel to achieve Dictatorship in Germany so if PMJM wants to take back PNG then the heart to action must follow your flowery oration. Yes we heard you uttered these words:
  1. Take back PNG
  2. Equal opportunities for all
  3. No Child left behind
  4. PNG food bowl of the Pacific
  5. Level playing fields
  6. Fight Corruption
  7. Porgera workers- hang in there for short term pain, long term gain
So what effective changes Happened?
Nothing really, except for minor tweaking of mining & Oil & Gas Acts and the passing of ICAC Bill & Whistle Blowers Act. However, no real change and drive to the public sector mechanisms that will ensure implementations of changes really eventuates and trickles down the system to be felt at grassroots level. We felt NOTHING after 12months change of government under PMJM. The status quo remains the same, bribery still happening at public service offices, secretaries and department head of questionable dealings and characters still enjoying their loots as if no fit and proper candidates in PNG to replace them. Isaac Lupari stap yet, Dairi Vele, Augustine Mano, Ken Nanggan etc..they are all still there even though there were accusations of foul play and mismanagement.

A weak PM trying to appease his sponsors:
PNG should know by now that PMJM is treading on shaky foundations, he is careful not to hurt the hands that contributed to his rise to stardom. Yes, he is afraid to go against the Highlands block, MPs like Michael Nali, Peter Ipatas or shady William Duma.
We witnessed this by his appointment of ministers right from the start, instead of forcing PNC MPs out of his government caucus, as weak he was, he allowed them to stay on, so then he couldn't remove foul players who were part of PNC (of which he himself was one of them), hence, he started on a weak note hoping that they themselves find their own exit. Em sign blo weak man ya. You can't mix good and bad apples, you separate them instantly and pick out the good ones. PNC remained in power with new Gov formation and ensured their cohorts and cronies are still in power or relevant files and documents are secured then, they moved and broke up. It's almost like the game was defeated before actually setting out to play.
A sad fact is PMJM was part of the loot and rort that corrupted this country to an unprecedented magnitude under PNC & O'Niell's leadership, so he is careful not to self implicate himself, perhaps some shady bureaucrats that PMJM cannot fire is because they have something up their sleeves to shoot him down, so he has weakened his own purposes taking the whole country for fools Mary go round winds of change "Take back PNG"

The Primary Industry Fools Gold
First few weeks PMJM took office, he boldly stated that Agriculture & Livestock would be funded billions of Kina, because it is this ministry where the vast majority of rural population of PNG are involved. The government would build roads to areas that show Primary Industry potential whether its cash crops or meat products. Hooray, we the grassroots felt so happy that now we have a PM who sees the potential in us, speaks and feels our struggles but so far? Sigh!!! (Mi sotwin nothing)
PMJM appoints John Simon who is perhaps just as weak, corrupt and vision-less in driving the Primary Industry. Then the weak PM and his equally weak Minister are also reluctant in moving aside a stupid corrupt DPI secretary Daniel Kimbuk, who has no proper qualifications to be DPI Secretary, Mr Kimbuk has fraud cases on foot for double dipping but yet a confused PM & his NEC allows this fraudster and unqualified secretary to run an important department.
You PMJM should be ashamed for trying to govern by appeasement of all parties. If MP Simon and Daniel Kimbuk are unfit to run DPI, bloody change them, show some Highlander leadership instead of being mama blo house man.
Tell us how much has coffee industry brought in, how much has cocoa & copra industry brought in? How much export has PNG made over the last 12 months under your leadership. How many cattle herds does PNG own under Livestock Development Corporation (LDC), how much money does the Abattoirs owned by DPI thru LDC make?
Mr Prime Minister, we the entire grassroots population depend on primary Industry for income, so you gave us a fools gold statement but you put wrong people to run this industry, you need to really wake up and walk the talk, sack some people for goodness sake.
I heard LDC is now a milking cow for the secretary and the minister with an equally corrupt and unqualified management to run LDC. LDC does not have cattle and farmlands are sold off including Abattoirs being run down. What a joke, you have a capable man in John Akipe who is qualified to run DPI instead you use him as Defence secretary, for what? (That is another story on its own)
PLEASE PMJM, did you just gave us FOOLS GOLD FLOWERY WORDS with Agriculture & Livestock department?

Ministry Appointments
Mr Prime Minister, are your Ministers driving the department and Ministries you appointed them to? Do you have any KPIs and goals set for them, if you want to take back the country then it's your job to ensure your Ministers deliver, the cascading effect once you set KPIs and goals is that ministers and secretaries perform, the public servants will pick up their acts. If the public sector continue to ask and receive bribes, this shows us grassroots that people above them are also working for self gratification rather than greater good of the country. We draw two conclusions, it's either you appointed Ministers for the sake of appeasement without KPIs & goals, or you slept thru NEC appointments and can't fire nonperforming Ministers and bureaucrats because...of course, you are weak.

So I am sorry Mr Prime Minister Hon James Marape for portraying my opinions of your government this way as you know we appreciate your leadership, your oratory skills and choice of words BUT........Action nogat ya.

We believe God raised you up among the rest when the country prayed and cried earnestly for change.
We held close to our hearts the phrase "Take back PNG"
You interpreted our dreams to be Richest Christian Nation on Earth.

MAKE US BELIEVE AGAIN IN SHORT TERM PAIN FOR LONG TERM GAIN and together we take back PNG...for a good START, please Look into DPI Ministry and management...remove the WEAK PERCEPTION of you in our minds.


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