RD Tuna: Another Sad Example of Foreign Investor Contempt for the People of PNG


The owner of RD Tuna company pretends to be a Christian as does the general manager. However the true feeling they have for the factory workers and for PNG in general is contempt. Look up that word if you don't understand the meeting of CONTEMPT.

This is why RD Tuna parent company regularly dumps rubbish tuna onto the shores of PNG. The tuna from certain Dolores and Dolly types of tuna is fit for animal consumption only. However RD makes more money not by selling it as animal food in Australia. Instead they ship it to PNG from Philippines to sell as people food.

Having known 2 people who have worked at RD tuna a few years back and heard stories about the way they treat their workers, I stopped thinking favourably of them and don't buy their products. I originally supported them because of the jobs I thought they would bring. I thought no further than jobs and that was my failure.
In general you must understand that this company only does public relations gestures to make it seem like they respect the people of PNG. They do all kinds of meaningless gestures that cost them nothing to show their respect for the people of PNG. But behind the scenes they suck up tax holidays (that means they pay o tax to the government on all their profits). They say they aren't making money yet they sneakily are trying to build more smelly canneries in the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ) outside of Madang. They mistreat their workers and they sell rubbish food to the people of PNG.

Rodrigo E Revera: Richest fisheries businessman in the Philippines and owner of RD Tuna Cannery. A pretend Christian who exploits his workers and dumps rubbish tuna meat on unsuspecting Papua New Guineans.

Don't get fooled by the use by date on anything that comes out of RD. It can be so easily lied about. In fact the RD Tuna General Manager can swear on the Bible that they have accurately put on the right use by date as being the number of days after the tuna was put into that tin. They are telling the truth, but only half the truth. What they don't bother to say is that the tuna was much older than fresh when it went into the tin.
Stay away especially from Dolores Tuna in Oil as the worst (but certainly not the only) animal food quality tuna that is sold to unsuspecting Papua New Guineans. Take a smell of that tuna to start with. It smells like old dried up blood.

Look at the photos that show the quality of tuna of this Dolores brand from RD Tuna. As you will notice, the liquid consists mostly of water not oil, because water is cheaper than oil for packaging the tuna. Only enough oil to attract people to buy it, thinking the tin is full up of oil:

You will often find oddities mixed in with this tired red meat that only animals will eat in Australia. What is it, who knows. Clearly it is waste. Waste that can't be sold any other way and really should be thrown in the rubbish bin:

Dolores Tuna in Oil is not manufactured in Madang but in the Philippines by another RD family company as the lowest grade tuna and shipped to PNG. The waste of the RD Philippino factory is offloaded to the people of PNG whom RD tuna views with contempt:

Why wouldn't RD tuna in Madang tin its own rubbish and sell it to Papua New Guineans? That would greatly reduce transport costs so RD could make more money. RD does this, of course. You can see poor quality reddish tuna meat in its Diana brand all the time that was processed in Madang. But there isn't enough rubbish meat from tuna processed in Madang to satisfy the PNG demand for protein. The high quality tuna meat is exported from Madang but Madang isn't a large cannery so there isn't that much rubbish leftover tuna meat. The Madang cannery was built only as bilas to giaman the government of Papua New Guinea into clapping their hands in front of the people of PNG that PNG was now industrialising. This has always been a lie. Most of the tuna caught by RD in PNG waters goes to its canneries in the Philippines.

It is because the Madang cannery does not produce enough animal waste tuna from its small operations that RD imports rubbish tuna meat from the Philippines to satisfy PNG demand for protein. Now there is plenty of animal quality food that RD tuna sells to illiterate and poor Papua New Guineans, whom the owner and general manager of RD tuna view as being only slightly above the animal level.

What exactly is the supposedly high quality tuna that people overseas will pay premium price for? It is big pieces of white meat.

High quality chunks of white tuna meat was of course available to any people in PNG living near the ocean whenever they go out fishing during tuna season. As the resource owners these villagers are entitled to and originally had easy access to the best quality tuna in the world. That was before RD tuna and its many fishing boats came into PNG territorial waters to vacuum up the tuna, along with many Chinese fishing boats.

Now the tuna becomes less common near the shore. These days it is harder for even those living on the beach to regularly find the best quality tuna in the world. The resource owners themselves are being deprived.

The sucking up loss of their fresh tuna resources by foreign vacuum cleaning ships now has started to force some of them to buy tinned tuna. Can you imagine? The resource owners themselves are eating tin tuna because they can no longer easily find fresh tuna. It all got caught and went overseas. The resource owners have been paid 0 toea for their tuna.

The bottom line is that RD Tuna separates the tuna meat into the animal quality and the people quality. Most of the high quality tuna meat never sees Madang because most tuna caught in PNG waters even by RD is processed overseas. RD tuna canneries in the Phillipines are much larger and employ many more workers than RD cannery in Madang will ever have jobs for.

In this world there is tuna fit for people and other quality of tuna fit for animals. The white tuna goes to the white people and other overseas people who know good versus bad quality tuna and would never buy animal quality tuna. The tuna fit for animals is sold to be eaten by dogs, pussycats and black people, including the original resource owners of that tuna. That is the black and white truth about RD tuna.

Any Papua New Guinean who would support RD Tuna, seeking out for themselves all the facts known about this company and its ripoff of PNG has their head in the sand. The proof can only be denied with closed eyes.

Those of you who scream that the government should do something about this is ignorant of how the PNG government works. The PNG government is in the pockets of the foreign investors. PNG no longer has much real independence. The government is well aware of all this. The well paid high level bureaucrats often live in Cairns or Brisbane and fly in/fly out to their jobs in Moresby. They would never be caught eating such poor quality food. They leave it to the people of PNG who they disrespect as much as the RD tuna Philippino owners and general manager.

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