Police Commissioner Gari Baki is a dangerous man running the Police Force.
Baki, who has a history for controversy such as doing business with hire car companies, is a FAILED POLITICIAN.
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill appointed Baki when former Commissioner Geoffrey Vaki was about to be convicted and sentenced for obstructing the arrest of Mr O’Neill. There is no room to guess what Baki’s mission was –look after the interest of his master. 
Upon taking office, his first business was to request a brief from the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate (NFACD) to provide a brief on PM O’Neill’s case. That is understood to have been done.
Upon his request, the NEC appointed an Acting Deputy Commissioner of Operations, Mr Raphael Huafolo who is also a failed politician but a faithful lieutenant to Baki previously.
Both Baki and Huafolo are politicians and ‘outsiders’ (meaning they left the force long time) running the police force. Are there no good high ranking officers around to move up the ranks and take the helms?

Huafolo does not have a substantive position. He was dismissed from the Force. He cannot hold an Acting DCP Ops unless he has a substantive Assistant Commissioner position. That does not seem to be a problem because those who appointed him need his blinded loyalty and arrogance. Huafolo, sometimes nicknamed as ‘Buffalo’ is now sitting on a blunder.

Baki’s recent decision to create new positions within the RPNGC is also something out of the ordinary. New positions are created over time in consultation with the Department of Personal Management considering the organisational structure and financial implications. Baki just came in and created new positions and titles overnight in order to transfer officers he felt would look over his shoulders.  Baki is above established processes just like his master.


Baki, in following the footsteps of his predecessor, fiercely supported O’Neill in court to allow a stay order against the arrest warrant. This is an unconventional and unlawful act by Mr Baki. All Police Officers have a mandatory duty to effect a warrant, and not the opposite which Baki took. 
Baki further asked the court to remove his own officers Director NFACD Mathew Damaru and his Deputy Timothy Gitua.
A copy of Justice Kirriwom’s judgement circulated in the social media page 20 summarises what the Supreme Court, after considering all the circumstances found:
“I believe Mr Baki’s actions so far contradicts what he is bound to uphold, that is the rule of law, justice and to serve the people of PNG according to the standards required by law”
The Supreme Court found that Baki compromised the Police Force and independence of the Office of the Commissioner by joining and agreeing with the PM in his various court cases.


Corruption is a serious issue prevalent in this country. NFACD is the only agency within the Police Force that investigates fraud and corruption. The last thing Papua New Guineans want is for this very important agency to be compromised and destroyed.
As was mentioned earlier, Baki’s first business was to obstruct the arrest of O’Neill. He tried it in court and was unsuccessful. Then he directed Huafolo to investigate the NFACD. In doing so, it is believed Huafolo directed NFACD director to list all the cases since NFACD was established, write a brief of each of them and submit to him within less than 3 days. Can Buffalo himself do that?

Somehow Baki knew that his appeal at the further Supreme Court would be removed as it was on 29th September. In anticipating a disastrous outcome, he terminated Mr Gitua and Thomas Eluh who were leading the investigations against O’Neill.

He deviced a further strategy to rid Mr Damaru since he could not find any fault. In collaboration with his masters, he asked Daire Vele and his mistress lawyer Twivey to do a complaint so that it could be used to remove Damaru. That he is believed to be contemplating.

And to the most absurdity of all, he issued a Minute directing all warrant of arrest applications to be directed to him and Buffalo.


Baki was very furious when he learnt of the existence of Treasury Secretary Daire Vele’s arrest warrant in relation to the controversial power turbines purchased at the request of O’Neill.
Baki instructed a private lawyer by the name of Sam Bonner to go and consent to Twivey to obtain a stay on the warrant at the District Court. The lawyers are believed to have been referred to the Law Society for their improper conduct by Justice Kirriwom.
Baki has been slapped with contempt charges for interfering with the execution of the arrest warrants on Vele.
Daire Vele’s case is still at the District Court and is a police prosecution matter that does not require a private lawyer. Baki has seen fit and in an unprecedented manner, engaged a private lawyer named to appear for the police whilst Twivey for her boyfriend. These are the same lawyers appearing for O’Neill and Baki in other related court cases.


Baki’s minute to direct all warrant of arrests to be vetted by his office and Buffalo is interfering with law enforcement in this country. A separate article on this was published by PNG Blogs. Link http://www.pngblogs.com/2015/09/commissioner-gari-bakis-directive-to.html

What is happening now is that all high profile criminals will have to befriend Baki and Buffalo. You take care of these two gentlemen; they take care of your worries of arrest. So far, O’Neill, Marape, Pala and Vele are successful beneficiaries of this new arrangement. Others are likely to follow.
It is believed that the duos are now approaching NFACD why a complaint was laid against the new controversial PNG Power CEO John Mangos. The complaint is believed to have been laid off by PNG Power Union workers.


Baki and Huafolo have tasted politics and would be going back when time comes in 2017. They are not genuine to run the police force. All they do is protect the powerful and wealthy to make enough money and go for elections again.

We have a commissioner who has been found “corrupt” and “compromised” by the Highest Court of this land. What else do Papua New Guineans expect him to do?
It is time for all high ranking and faithful police officers to rise up and safe the Police Force. The Police Union needs to rise up.

Few Months back, PNG Blogs published a story titled “The Stooging of Commissioners of Police”. Link http://www.pngblogs.com/2015/07/the-stooging-of-commissioners-of-police.html?m=0

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