Let me start by saying that I believe in you and your leadership PM Hon. James Marape . You are a good man and this was demonstrated when Peter O'Neill and others illegally removed Grand Chief from power, yet you stood with him. You have again demonstrated your humanity and leadership at the passing of this country's founding father by giving him the respect due to him and deserved by him.
Many of us worked hard behind the scenes to remove O'Neill and make way for you to be Prime Minister. I did my bit with Sam Basil in 2016 and 2017 and later with Bryan Kramer from 2017 to 2019. I was happy when you became PM in 2019 and later assumed leadership of PANGU PATI Inc.
I know you are one man and you need many good, honest and genuine politicians to surround you to make good decisions and lead our country into prosperity and make it the first rich Christian black nation on the face of the earth.
However, I personally question your leadership ever since Covid 19 entered our country. It is true Peter O'Neill and his government left a huge hole in our economy through the many loans he took and bad decisions he made. We looked to you and your government to right those wrongs and give us hope but it seems you have all but given us any hope.
Time has shown us that the message leaked out from your Pangu WhatsApp group has proven to be true. It seems you are using Covid 19 as a political tool to ensure your survival now and beyond 2022. You have made some great economic decisions like the review of the Papua LNG and Porgera mine deals but at the same time you have destroyed our economy by listening to advise from WHO and foreign advisors and countries on the Covid 19 lies.
Our loans have now gone over the roof and you have amended and increased the Fiscal Responsibility Act more than once during your short term in power to ensure the billions obtained in loans and in the name of Covid 19 funding have been squandered with almost nothing to show for it.
It's time your government comes back to reality and forget the Covid 19 lies and reopen our country and economy. Our people are not dying like flies in the streets as predicted. We have proven to be resilient against this KUS which has a less than 1% fatality rate!!
Our lives, country and economy are destroyed for no good reason at all except political convenience and survival. That's the truth that many people who once believed in you and supported you and your government are now seeing.
Enough is enough!! End this fake lockdown and reopen our economy and give us back our lives!! The people are not stupid and you will see the results in the dumping of Pangu in 2022 if this continues.


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